Before I Die…

Sometimes, I like to shut my mind to certain realities.

People die. The ones we love. The ones we forget to tell that we love them. They just die.

How come it’s usually only at memorial services or it’s like that we get to hear all the good things to be said about someone? This someone who has already passed away, who can’t hear these nice things we now say?

Why is it that, it’s when the ones we love die that we remember to tell them how much they mean meant to us?

Funny how most of us never really show gratitude to people who in one way or the other have touched our lives till they kick the bucket.

At burials, we then go with long notes and speeches filled with platitudes. I mean, what is the point then?

You Love someone? Tell them.
Someone has been a blessing? Tell them.
We all tweet “I Love my mother” ….. Have you actually told her (Self sub)

The truth is, life is fleeting. We never really know what’s to happen next.

Just this Sunday, lost a friend because a drunk 33-year-old woman was behind the wheels.

RIP Tundun Lawani
I Love You. We Love You.

Start talking today. Tell those who matter, that Yes, You matter. Let Them Know!



N.B: When I die, don’t start speaking oyinbo at my burial… tell me what need to be said now! At my burial, just chillax and eat cake all the way. I’ll be waiting for you in Heaven. I Love You too. 🙂


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Thank you

39 thoughts on “Before I Die…

  1. Sad reality. Made that committment a while ago. After reading this post, I’ve had to re-make it. There’s absolutely no point to unshared feelings!

    God comfort your friend’s family and bless all he left behind!

  2. Nice one right there Funto
    Very big fan of your blog. And yes I LOVE YOU 😀
    I have south respect for u, u don’t know how much.
    Keep up the good work. God bless u ❤

  3. Errrrm. . . I think I need to make a list of all those I love and start letting them know! And I also need to make a list of those I don’t really like and start letting them know too. 😀 Nice post,bro! (Y) And R.I.P to Tundun.

  4. Gosh…dis almost got me in tears. I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing. If u luv someone let them know! Express ur feelings as often as possible. There’s no prize 4 forming… This life is way too short. Let us love while we r still alive. May God help us all to live great lives, so that when we are gone, it’ll be a celebration of a life well lived. A few tears shed here and there, but a celebration nonetheless :). *running off b4 i write another loong speech* Happy New Month y’all 🙂

  5. true talk! sometimes it can be harder to say those good things to their face but when you think the true effect happens when they are still alive, it makes more sense to do it then…nice one as always funto!

  6. I love this post…Its the truth tho..:)….really touched me.. And about ur N.B…lmao..I will definately eat enuff cake at ur burial..:D..and yes no speaking oyinbo there…buh all d same I think u shuld know that you’re a great person funto..not a single regret since d day I met u…and yes I love u..:D

  7. True, true talk!…dz particular piece is a great reminder of d lil tinz we consider as not so imprtnt in life…which is even one of d most imprtnt,,.I kip learning from your blog! Kip up d good work ❤

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