34 thoughts on “#ThisIsMe

  1. lool…ILike…ISmile…i like d fact that u c a need to put smiles on ppl’s faces…u dnt luk quite and shy to me…d cake obsession s obvious in ur tweets…nd i like d baby pic…:)…kip dreamn big!!!

  2. i love dis write up n i’m with u on d favorite color purple n yr love 4 cake! 😀 keep dreaming big n i’m sure someday all your dreams’ll become reality!

      • You are sure going to make a difference and not die unknown…I see an awesome future in you Funto…n pls never consider changing who you are…I want you to know that you are a rare gem and you have a very unique personality…guess ur kind of surprised am saying this but the truth is one cannot run away from the truth. Also…when I SEE FOOD I SMILE.

      • Thank you Taiwo for that re-assurance, it’s so much needed by me at a time like this.
        And yes! I’m very surprised :O ! But iReally appreciate it that you are telling me though.

  3. Omg! I luv dz poem… Ion knw u dou bt am proud of yhu…. Gdjob..dear santa,all I want for christmas is a miracle too oh!+unendn success n prosperity..amen!

  4. i love d baby pics funto…besides purple is ma favourite colour tho and i love ted dekker novels as well….i know ure gonna be a great writer someday and all d poems are AWESOME!! 🙂 …uve alredi started it….Thumbs up dear…God bless u and continue to inspire you.. 🙂

  5. lol, u dnt knw me n i dnt knw u, just apund upon ur page, neways nice write up, its clearly evinced here that u have a clear understanding as to who u are n wt u wane achieve, may d gud lord grant u all ya heart desires, remain blessed

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