Letter to my Unborn Child by Anonymous.


How does one pick out a name? I am finding it to be such a task. Funny, I had never thought about it, until well, you came along. How can I personify the most beautiful being in my eyes with a word? This is a topic I will simply have to revisit later.

For now, let me tell you a little bit about mummy; that way I won’t be such a stranger when you are ready to come say hello. Don’t think you will get away with not telling me about you. We have the rest of my life to get to know each other; God willing that will be enough time.

Mummy is currently a Family Physician, I love my work so much. There were times along the way I felt like giving up but thank God I did not, because I could not imagine myself doing anything else. Perhaps my first lesson for you is to always remember that no matter what comes your way, always look to God because with Him all things are possible. My work is very demanding but greatly rewarding, in all senses of the word. However, for you, Mummy would give up anything. You are my world now, so I am quite eager to leave work, to be with you (at least until you’re ready for school). You are so cute, I can tell. I am sure you have Daddy’s cheeks, I think he has strong cheek genes. Hopefully, God had mercy on you and gave you Mummy’s hairline, because Daddy’s hairline, well, you will soon find out for yourself. Yes, Mummy thinks she is hilarious, you will quickly learn that I don’t need anyone to laugh at my jokes because I do a great job all on my own.

I am certain by now you know how much Mummy loves to sing. Ever since the day I found out about you, I have been singing non-stop. I think I know your favorite song now too, because when I sing it, I feel you make such a fuss which I believe is you trying to wiggle and dance. Or it could be you trying to get me to stop singing altogether; let’s go with the former, shall we? Great!

God willing, you are coming to a great loving home filled with joy and much laughter. Mummy loves Daddy very much, and Daddy loves Mummy too. The best part is how much Mummy and Daddy love you. I know lately you have been experiencing several eclipses per day, well that is just Daddy’s not so small head pressed against Mummy’s tummy. He insists he can hear you talking to him when he asks how your day has been going (eerrm should I be worried that my husband may be hearing things?). I can see how excited he is to meet you. He has a new project he is working on right now, your room. Early this week, he banned me from going in, he says he wants it to be a surprise for both you and I (though I am sure I was starting to get on his last nerve always interrupting him by asking for foot massages and back rubs). I know you’ll love your room (but between you and me, I may or may not have a professional interior designer on speed dial). He is the most kind-hearted man I have ever known. I mean lately, I noticed he has been working from home more, especially the closer we get to meeting you. Yes, mummy is always gushing about Daddy all the time. He is so handsome.

Anyways, back to me. I look forward to so many things with you, like our first Christmas (this is Mummy’s favorite time of the year). When you arrive, I will tell you why it is such a special time, but a hint, it all started with a special baby, just like you.

I could go on talking forever, but for now, I will let you get some rest before dinner (it is our favorite, chicken fried rice and chicken wings with carrot cake for dessert). I am going to see if I can corner Daddy (literally because I am having to go through the doorways sideways now….just kidding, sort of) to see if I can squeeze another back rub out of him before he starts working on your room.

To our sweet baby, God bless you and make you all He has destined you to be. We love you.

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