The Devil’s Bride

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As often as I can, every Thursday evenings, seldom  mornings expect anything in English. Hopefully y’all like it on here and I get your minds taking longer walks in limbo, living in teacup houses, flying with baboon doves, dining with the angel of music and lots more…

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The Devil’s Bride,

The Black veil,

Torns for rings,

Molten magma for shoes,

Sorrows for vows,

Tears for kisses,

Worries for offsprings,

Death for life.

I feel the curve run through the left side of my face,

My mask,

My all,

My confidence,

My pride.

I hear of a place faraway called Earth,

Where evil breeds,

Good feeds,

Everything yields,

Nothing conceals.

I dream of this place,

Away and beyond,

With my being and can be me,

Feel free,

Do as I please.

“Elentra!! Elentra!!”

He calls out to me,

I am a his slave and pleased I am.

I lay to my head to sleep,

With my head in the clouds

Amidst my dreams and wonders.

I remain,

The Demon’s Bride.

Words of a black girl’s other.
– XiaYong.

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Oh, you should read it again from bottom up, some Palindrome stuff.

See you guys again, next Thursday.

5 thoughts on “The Devil’s Bride

  1. This is not poetry
    You are under an influence and it is not beautiful
    It is dark, ugly and very dangerous for your well being
    I have a very avid mind and I learned early that I shouldn’t expose it to everything
    You will do well to do the same.

    Chart your course!

  2. *sigh, I’m trying hard not to be insultive, but ignorance is definitely at work here.

    Poetry, as art is supposed to appreciated as what it is: art! Being an artist involves getting in touch with emotions that may not be peculiar to the individual(artist). Its why a grown man could write from a childs point of view, or a young woman from an aged, dying mans perspective or in this case, a young woman as the devils bride.

    Instead of self righteousness, I recommend a cold coke. Chill, sit back and enjoy the finer things in life, eg: good poetry.

    Ps: we are all children of God.

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