You definitely did it this time,
you bit more than you could chew
Now it hurts, you rue
others have come, gone… never overdue

Why haven’t you let this go?
you trouble-maker! Now I have to let you go
will you far away… so far away
the troubles you’ve caused, I ache each day
I never want to re-lay.

“One more try, everything will be fine”
– you say
but I’ve heard that before, over and over again
time without number, now, I listen with disdain
you sound like a broken record yet again.

The songs you sing,
I now turn deaf ears to their lyrics
the rhythm I once enjoyed, move me no more.
Take your luggage, all of it… LEAVE!

You had just one job,
but you decided to multitask, see where that got you
don’t come back, at all sides, I have erected a wall
unlike that of Jericho, they won’t fall.