Writing My Wrongs

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I woke up this morning, checked my phone, scrolled through my twitter mentions, enlarged some avatars, regretted that I bothered opening others (they can be so deceitful in little sizes), checked my BBM updates, Display pictures, PMs… another day and this one still has yet another person she is wishing Happy Birthday! Ahn ah! 2 weeks straight? Anyway we all have that one contact, don’t we?

Nonetheless, I carried myself to twitter yet again, tweeted *walks in*, replied funny mentions, even got a TT to trend #LivedtheLife … it was just another typical day. I went down the stairs, opened the fridge and just like yesterday, there was nothing I was interested in eating there; I made myself noodles, turned on the  Xbox 360 and started playing Max Payne.

And just like every other day, leaves fell off trees, changed colors, the sun set and it was night again.

Now, it’s late, I’m reminiscing, remembering how my day went,  then it occurs to me how I went about my day without even saying “Good morning” to the one who really did matter. The epiphany of how I have been wrong in so many ways.

So tonight, I have decided to pick up my pen and write my wrongs. I want to right them, but first, I write them and hand them over to Him.

The other day, I did good to someone only because people around me expected me to be good, to do good. Was I just trying to impress them? …
In the dark, when no one is there, how I am ashamed of the things I find myself doing, the things I really don’t want to do.
I judge people without even knowing them, even if I knew them, who am I to judge?
Perceived as a saint, I guess I’m a con artist, you see not the taint.
That one habit I’ve been trying to quit, I’m tired of having it as #1 on my New Year resolution list every year.

I don’t know if you can relate to this, something I read somewhere “I aim to be good but sometimes, I miss the target”
I want to do right, I really want to. But just like Paul, the things I want to do, I do not. The very things I do not want to do, I find myself doing.

But tonight, I am trying something different; I have decided to write my wrongs, taking a step forward to right my wrongs. It may not stop in a day; I will not get everything right over the night, sometimes I’ll fall… You see, it’s okay to fall, what really matters, is if you decide to stay down or get up.

I’m starting from somewhere, realizing where I have been wrong, when I looked away when I ought to be compassionate, when I was quick to say rude and curse words when I should have been thoughtful and respectful, when I saw black, and called it white … I have been wrong in so many ways, tonight I write them down, all of them… down, all I can remember and I hand them over to Him. Let Him be my witness and these wrongs I write, be a reminder of the things I need to make right. I want to wake in the day and to Him I first say Hey.

These are my wrongs.

I don’t know what yours are… are you the drunk on Saturday and monk on Sunday? Or the one, who just like me, who would rather say Good Morning on Social Networks before  saying to God. Or the one who seek approval… wanting to impress and not actually make a difference.

I don’t know what they are… but you do.

I have shared some of my wrongs with you, please make use of the comment box below and write down some of the wrongs, you want to right.
You can write them on sticky notes too and put them in places you can get to see, so they serve as reminders and checks about what you have to make right.

It all begins with a step. Write a wrong. Right a wrong.

But then, this is what I think, what do I know?

What C.U Has Taught Me..

Hello Beautiful people.

So, my brain has been on some sort of Hiatus for quite a while… every time I put my pen to paper or try to type something, it’s all banality. I’ve missed a lot of opportunities to write articles in some school magazines because of this. So I thought to try something to wake up my dear brain up…

And this is where you come in handy, where, you help poor ol’ me.

It’s a challenge… You give me any title to write on, no matter how random, I have to write on it.

I’ve gotten a couple already…

Yesterday, @sisi_Ope challenged me to write on “What CU (Covenant University) has taught me”.  You see I don’t exactly like to write about my school.. but since I’ve been challenged.. O well

I put the question(What has CU taught you?) out there to my awesome followers on twitter.. (That reminds me, Follow me ^_^ –> @ObaFuntAy) I got some remarkable replies as you’ll see below.


How it all started…

So I put the question out:

so apparently, our parents haven’t wasted money, I mean see, we’ve been learning a lot from school…

and some people had just learned too much to say….

others still had these to say….

…and for those that go home every weekend, here is what they learnt:

What’s wrong with this tweet:

Found out yet? …


For me, CU taught me one major thing amongst others…

Know your school’s anthem, you could be asked to sing it during your Project defense. No jokes! I was asked to do this, after the first line, I started humming. x_x

To be honest, my school is a fun place to be… I mean see all the fun things we’ve learned. ^_^

Make use of the comment box! Challenge me, any title!! and tell us –> What CU has taught you???!!!