Beneath the Smile, The Preview

behind the smile (design)

Starting: Tomorrow

This is the very first project on, a big thank you to the contributors of this project who didn’t mind me disturbing them every other minute just to make this possible.

On this project, we’ll be having three (3) other writers, sharing True stories, while ‘Beneath the Smile, III by @bRinEstAkeS’ is a work of art, exhilarating fiction.

Our first writer on this project, a 13-year-old, stays Anonymous as she will be sharing her own story. Other stories shared, are true stories being re-told. We have decided to share these stories, for three reasons. First, a face plastered with a ‘smile’ can hide a lot of things and people need to know that there is help and people are ready to help. Second, this may serve as a lifeline to someone, anyone. You are not alone and there are people out there going through the same thing, there’s hope. Third, this is where we all come in, where we give advice and be of help, because the real people going through all of these shared, would be reading what we all have to say, what you think they should do.

What’s really beneath the smile? Is Hope a myth?

These are not just stories.

‘Beneath the Smile, I’ by Anonymous

“… I punched glass.. I couldn’t hold myself. The anger bottled up in me just needed to get out and I had no one to talk to..”

I am Adebimpe Adigun

 ‘Beneath the Smile, II’ by @Its_kash

… at school, I most times find myself having lots of mood swings, some people have the idea that I crave attention, they say all I want is to be noticed. I wouldn’t share my problems, don’t blame me, I don’ trust anybody, I don’t even trust me”

I am Damilola Benson

‘Beneath the Smile, III’ by @bRinEstAkeS

“…It’s truly beautiful in a stammerer’s mind; everything happens twice. Reality, however, squeezes itself in-between. Forget what you hear in the news; the glowing statistics are just one side of the story.”

I am Mark Williams

‘Beneath the Smile, IV’ by @seuntomas

“…If I had a dollar for everytime I felt loved, I’d have a dollar.”

I am Nnamdi Ojukwu

Beneath the Smile, by @ObaFuntAy

“But then, this is what I think, what do I know”

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