Paper Planes and Plastic Cars

paper plane
Paper planes and plastic cars

Come, hop into my plastic car, let’s drive downtown.
Take off in my paper plane. Fly to china town.
Be my queen, while I wear my crown.
All smiles baby, no frown.

Paper planes and plastic cars.

I see them, beneath the fine clothes, the scars.
Come, get in my paper plane, let’s fly to mars.
It’s quiet there, just me, you and floating lanterns.
as they take their place beside the stars.

Paper planes and plastic cars

Hearts fragile like a paper plane
high we should fly… low, when we have to
but come, together, let’s fly through it all,
in summer time and through the rain

Paper planes and plastic cars

Lets fly. Let’s ride.
come along with me, side by side,
if you can’t, I’ll understand,
after all, it’s just…

Paper planes and plastic cars