#ThisIsMe – ImperFect

Times I should sit back and pray
I do otherwise and go astray
I fall short and sin day after day
My flesh and guilt hold me sway.
Hypocrisy my ally, as a chameleon I always blend in, lust my new found love.
Now I’m happy, this I say, the opposite the case.
Within I bleed, an empty can I have become, tossed around by the fierce winds of this world, dented I’ve become, imperfect I am.
A perfect picture I seem to be to the Red riding hoods.

I have put up quite a show, very impressive, the curtain call I always anticipate my very being I desecrate.
One man is never deceived,
One man knows the truth,
One man looks through and sees all I try so hard to hide.
The flaws, the scars inflicted by thorns of this rose we all call life, all the imperfections I thought my colorful garment concealed. He sees.
One man… The man in the mirror.

I meander through this boulevard named life.
Lost in a maze, I need God’s way out.
Today I choose to go no further without His direction, that I may look at myself and all I have be without pelf.
That I may be filled again with the love I once believed in, my garment I put down so that all may look and see me, the imperfect me. Their chants for an encore I turn deaf ears to.
I choose to follow His lead and rove no more.
I choose to live through each day being happy.
I choose to smile when others wear a frown.
I choose to sing like no one is listening.
I choose to dance (I’m the worst dancer ever) like no one is watching.
I choose to live a life of gratitude.
I choose to do away with things/people that always make me unhappy and stick with happy things like Cake :D.
I choose to love like I’ve never been hurt.
I CHOOSE to be ME! In a world that fights day in, day out to make me different.
So that after the day is done and I’m all alone and I look at that man, we both smile. 🙂


But then, this is what iThink, what do iKnow ?