My Silent Cry

Redrawn by Rekia

In a place I shouldn’t be,
How did I get here? What happened to me?
Once upon a time, I used to go on my knees,
Dot my I’s and cross my T’s

I didn’t only look back, to Sodom I went,
The familiar felt safer, the past I held on to,
My knees clean, my hands dirty,
A furnished wardrobe filled with dirty apparel.

In pursuit of happiness,
In this wilderness,
It’s all but fleeting happiness,
Let me sleep… allow me to be.

Priorities have taken a walk,
What I look on the outside matters more that what’s on the inside,
I spend on what I ought not rather than invest in what I should,
My mind in pandemonium, deep has become shallow.

Wake me not, the dawn, let it tarry,
This weight I can no longer carry,
Like the one in Notre Dame, I have a hunch back,
When the light is off, and it’s all dark…

I stop to think, ponder, wonder… how do I fix this? Get it right?

You see, at this point, I don’t know what to do,
I’m not ending this post with a “I choose to do this or that”
‘Cause frankly, this time, I don’t know what to think, talk more of do.
Along the line, in this maze, I got lost.

This is my scream for help… for now, my mask I put back on

But there you have it, my silent cry.