Dear Mr. Physician

Dear Mr. Physician,

I do not mean to take much of your time so, I’ll be concise and precise. I know you are a busy man, I see you looking through your paper work, cracking through your brain to make sure patients get healed, get better and other ways to heal other ailing patients.

I’ve seen you heal all sorts. I see you all the time you scribble prescriptions in that coded look-alike chicken scratch writing. I mean, that has to be some sort of code writing right? ‘Cause it seems like it’s only the woman at the pharmaceutical that decodes what you write.
I see people come to you sad and leave happy. I see them use the medications you prescribe and get healed, feel better about themselves.

But Mr. Physician, now this is really why I am writing you this letter. There are things I also see that I am not comfortable with, things I don’t like. I see you have the same headache a patient from the other day had, you prescribed that he took Metaxalone and he felt better after that. Why Mr. Physician? Why wouldn’t you use these same drugs you prescribe? Why wouldn’t you?

I also notice you find it difficult standing up straight. You still have that back pain? You are a Physician aren’t you? Why haven’t you fixed that? You counsel your patients to report to a physician at the slightest hint of ill-health but you do not the same.

You go about with your stethoscope around your neck, but you are dying slowing, even your heartbeat has become irregular.

Wake up Physician.

It’s time you took that stethoscope and check yourself.

Mr. Physician, heal thyself, I dare you. I dare you. Heal thy self.

Yours sincerely,
A wake up call.

You know, sometimes, I go through a previous post of mine and think to myself, asking,  “I wrote this?”… I read through the comments and how people say they get inspired almost brings me to tears. I mean, I get jealous. I shouldn’t be. I wrote the thing.

Ever realize how easy it is to give advice than take advice?
How easy it is to give blame than take blame?  
It’s so easy to point at the faults of other people. What about ours?

I do not want to be the one that says the things he doesn’t mean.
I do not want to be the preacher that doesn’t do that which he preaches.
I do not want to be the cobbler who always wears the worst shoes.

We are all like the physician in our own ways.

This time, I am putting a stop to this; I am doing the things I know are right, the things I tell others to do.

I am taking my advice.
I am righting those wrongs I wrote.
I am pursuing after perfection.
I am working on me.

This time, I am not just going to be a reader; I am going to be a doer.

I didn’t put this up just to inspire you; I am doing this for me.
Hopefully, one stone can kill two birds.

You reading this, fellow physician in your own respect, heal thyself. I dare you. I dare you.

Yes, You can.

But then, this is what I think, what do I know?

In Pursuit of Perfection

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As a child, I wanted to be a lot of things at different stages of my life. I think it started with me wanting to be an Artist, to draw and paint. I had been told time after time by my mother that I was a “born artist” but all I had to show for it were stick figure drawings, even my handwriting was a fail at Fine-art.

So I moved on…

Before long, a day came when I was in the hospital, the doctor had just prescribed my medications, I looked at the prescription sheet and couldn’t read a thing he wrote and I could buoyantly beat my chest as my handwriting was fabulous as compared to his. I later went on to find out that it was something notable about most doctors. My joy knew no bounds! I was going to be a Doctor!

Alas, I encountered a beast called Biology in my journeying to be a Doctor. That beast tore me apart over and over all through senior secondary school. My best grade was a ‘C’.

Yet again, I had to move on…

My Grandfather had always and still wants me to be a lawyer and with my being an Artist and Doctor dream now behind me, I set out on being a Lawyer. You see, Literature isn’t a tough subject, I like it, I appreciate it but my teacher back then – Mr. Akindele was a tough one. The cane was his best bud and confidant; he always used it on us at the slightest opportunity for inane reasons. I mean, look at the picture below, yes, that’s me, the boy in the yellow shirt (Hail, Hope House). Don’t worry, there is a no insult I couldn’t have possibly heard yet about this picture. But common, look how fragile (too mild a word to use) I look… I ran away from literature class and picked up another subject, I couldn’t stand the torture any longer. Literature however, was a prerequisite to study Law as a First degree.

You see, as a child I wanted to be a whole lot of things, I also wanted and still want to be Superman (I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Superman?) I believed in a whole lot, lot of people, no worries, I was beautifully naive as the Child in “The Tale of a Little Child” but along the way, I’m not sure if it was because I was growing up or ‘cause I was tired of the recurrent disappointments, but bit by bit I lost faith with each upset, I wasn’t sure of what to believe in anymore, insecurity set in, almost zero confidence in myself, all the smiles, the happiness, all of it had seemed to take a walk, going one after the other, falling, falling, falling. The Domino effect.

I just wanted to be perfect.

I’ve started another journey, I have put on my Frye boots, now, I just want to be me, no matter what I do; maybe with each word I write, I get to create art, maybe my mother was right, maybe I’m a born-artist, maybe with everyone that reads a post, I get to heal a part of them, maybe I’ll Inspire someone, maybe, just maybe along the way I’ll find perfection,

 I think being perfect is discovering who you are and being exactly that person


Today is my birthday!! #JustSoYouKnow, May babies are the most awesome folks you’ll ever find! *pops collar*
A big thank you to everyone showing me Love and support.

I intend to eat Cake all through today so if you have any suggestion on how I can rid off sugar out of my system at the end of the day, please let me know. This is very essential!

All that being said, in the words of John Carter, Take up a Course, Fall in Love, Write a Book. Inspire someone, start something that matters.

I may not be perfect just yet, but I’m in pursuit of perfection.

But then, this is what I think, what do I know?