The other side of thoughts

I have a long flight ahead of me. Pleased at the chances I will get to cut corners, I gleefully anticipate my trip to oblivion.


They say its game over; I beg to differ, the game only just begun. Numerous opportunities still lie in our paths to concede goals and lose even more glory. Oh the joy of pessimism! Freeing you from the throes of disappointment! You can’t dampen my spirits! Too late my spirits are already in a puddle! How can you make me depressed when you already met me in that state? The intoxicating sense of power over myself grips me, ha! Nobody can ruffle my feathers, he who is down need fear no fall.


Have you noticed that there is something quite happy about depression? In the smug satisfaction that comes with pitying yourself? In the blameless piety involved in blaming others for your problems? Oh the joy of being guilt free.
Why do you laugh at the madman? Don’t you realize he has been emancipated from the mind boggling frustrations of sanity? No wonder he is so happy! You must be mad to hold on so desperately to your sanity. Ha ha ha ha!


Why weep at death? Staring at the empty shell that once contained your loved one. What happened to the belief that he is in a better place and can be hurt no more? Is it doubt that makes us hang on so tightly to our existence? Attempting to delay our trip to the other side of breath! I wonder. I gaze into their eyes and I see their frustration, struggling for relevance in a sea of irrelevance! Striving to attain greatness by embracing mediocrity! Scurrying around in a rat race, gathering shiny jewels and trinkets only to lose them all on their final trip.
I stand alone, watching! The lone wolf amused at the futility of their struggles. Though as lost as they are, I choose to stand still till I find the road map with directions to redemption.

But how do I find if I do not seek? All certainly is vanity!

Minolta DSC

The idiocy of war! I disagree with you, so I’ll send some of my sons over for you to kill; in exchange we kill some of your sons. It then boils down to the smarter party losing when he realizes he cannot afford to lose anymore sons! While the stupid victor gloats over his willingness to throw more life away! Three cheers for the outstanding victor! Hurray! It can be summarized thus, war is young men dying and old men talking.

moonlight_desktop_1680x1050_hd-wallpaper-1097473 (1)

Lovers necking in the moonlight! Neither aware of the niggling doubts in the other’s heart, neither aware that in the next minute all the warm fuzzy feelings would be replaced with harsh animosity. It is funny that in a relationship the person who cares less wields more power, but isn’t it the vulnerability in caring that is the very essence of the relationship?

I gaze at the meadows the beauty of d flowers, the fluttering butterflies and a wry smile touches my lips as a small child grabs a butterfly and stuffs it in a jar. What is captivating shall be made captive, what is ravishing shall be ravished. It is the very nature of man that makes him destroy all that is beautiful in his path.

Written by @Yholar


You see, this week has been a wobbly one for me. My mind drew up a playlist and I hearkened to its music, moving to its rhythm. My dear mind kept playing all the imperfections here and there, all the things that aren’t seemingly ‘right’ about me, visible and unseen. During the week, a swelling on my right foot couldn’t but make the already rocky boat capsize. Oh, I mustn’t forget the nurse that insisted I got injections for a swollen foot. (Bloody molester! -__- Any opportunity to see a cute butt)

With all these depressing thoughts of how this or that wasn’t perfect, how breathing could be a lot easier if I didn’t have ‘cold’ all the time, how It wouldn’t have been a bad idea if I could take pictures without my vampire features all so revealing, how I could have made a better grade in school (no point crying over spilt milk, right?), why I craved for cake and couldn’t get any, why my leg had to hurt so bad? All of these got me moody and down casted. My saving grace was a thought that struck me amid my pity party.

I remembered the just concluded outreach myself and friends (@SmileCare) went for the previous Saturday at Wesley school for the hearing impaired. I remembered seeing the hand, master the virtuosity of the tongue; I saw music, hands singing with no sound uttered. I saw happy people who couldn’t talk or hear a thing I said, who had apparent disabilities and still chose to be happy. These children, most of them never heard a sound their entire life.

I’m talking way too much, I should let the pictures do the talking… (Pictures by OrionPixel and @Bar_bajide)

Hands being taught the tongues art

In the eyes of the children, we saw Hope. We saw Love.

Drama presentation

MC for the day






Day in, day out, I find myself complaining about one thing or the other, dwelling on the so-called imperfections.

What really defines perfection?

You see, the answer, I do not know.

But these children have taught me one thing. They are grateful they can see, walk and even still, communicate with their hands and ever ready to teach us this art.

Who am I to complain? I talk, I hear… Who are you to complain? You talk, you hear

#Notetoself: Be Thankful

My name is Funto AyinOluwa and I am thankful.

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#Notetoself: Be Grateful

#Notetoself: Put a smile on someone’s face today

#Notetoself: Put a smile on your face, go get cake, red velvet!

#Notetoself: Compliment someone today

#Notetoself: You can do it

#Notetoself: God Loves You


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Thank you for reading. It’s one thing to write a #Notetoself, actually doing what it says, is another.

But then, this is what I think, what do I know?

Much ado about a Candle light

I remember sometime last year, in fact, I think it was this time last year… I had a truck load of thoughts bouncing all up in my head, but most laden of them all was the nagging question of “Funto, what can you do?” … ” What really is my talent?”. Now, trying to answer this question was a major challenge for me and failing to come forth with answers was leading me into a state of depression step by step as I saw other people do things they were apparently gifted in… you know: singing, dancing, comedy, playing of musical instruments, soccer blah blah blah..
iRemember taking a walk one day in school talking to God, telling Him how I was tired of this state, I had been unhappy for a week or two… I cried that night and laid that burden upon him, asking him to take control. I stopped pondering on this matter entirely.
Then he took control.
He began to show me things I could do, firstly, I found myself coordinating Smile Care (a humanitarian org.) in my school (a position I totally did not deserve). I began to notice how the passion to help the less-privileged got fueled up In me.
Being the coordinator of this team in school required me to talk, talk in front of people and with people, planned or totally impromptu.
He showed me yet again that I could do this and do it well.
In the light of all of this I had not come to the knowledge that this was my talent, what I was good at, what I will always be good at, till He sent an angel(a friend) who said ” It takes TALENT to do what you do” and that was it for me! — EPIPHANY!

What's the sense in this?

Now take a good look at this picture to the left… read it’s caption…

Funny thing is that loads of people out there (search yourself, you may be included) do the same thing this rather “un-bright” fellow in the picture is doing.

What is the point of having a lit candle under a bushel? Is it not meant to be placed upon a candlestick that it may shine to all that are in the house?

I get burnt when I see an obviously terrific singer or a gifted instrumentalist  or an apparently talented person in whatever it may be, who just places his/her lit candle under a basket… I go thinking “Stingy son of  a _____”  (Disclaimer: Whatever you fill in the gap, you are totally accountable for it)

No matter what your reason maybe, my bible makes me understand in Matthew 5:16 that you and I are supposed to let our light so shine that they may see your, my good works and then through that means glorify our Father in heaven.

Imagine if Mother Teresa had hid her candle light? Imagine the millions of children that would have been left homeless today?


If Michael Jackson never overcame Stage-fright or general shyness and refused to get on stage, imagine all those good music buried 6 feet with him.

#Didyouknow that the Greatest orator of all time was a stammerer ? Demosthenes, imagine if he hadn’t overcome this challenge and trained himself to speak even to the extent of having pebbles in his mouth. He would have died but a feeble unknown Greek. This goes out to every stammerer out there, or any one with all of them factors (S, A, H, X and those yet to come)… You can do it! If you have a passion for singing, sing. If it’s in speaking, speak! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Don’t let your talent go to grave with you, be that one candle that can light other millions of candles.

Dr Myles Munroe said that the wealthiest places in the world are not the gold mines of South America or the oil fields of Iraq or Iran. They’re not the diamond mines of South Africa or the banks of the world. The wealthiest place on the planet is just down the road. It is the cemetery. There lie buried, companies that were never started, inventions that were never made, best-selling books that were never written and masterpieces that were never painted.

In the cemetery is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential. Don’t let yours be one of them.

But then, this is what iThink… what do I know ?

Standing again


… The first time I took a puff…now im addicted like crazy.
… That boy who first showed me a PLAYBOY Magazine.
… That pervert that molested me.
… when I lied and someone had to take the fall
… That ‘friend’ who misled me, those group of fellas I hung out with
… That JERK that hurt my feelings
… That girl who broke my heart
… That time we were so broke.. we begged for food
… The time I stole from daddy’s room or was it mummy’s….oh!  both!!
… That friend I LIED to,CHEATED on, said bad things @ their backs…even when they were faithful
… That Idiot I lost my virginity to…i should have waited
… or the time I cheated on my wife/husband
… That bribe I collected.
… Alchohol!!….m’ stupid when im drunk. Makes no sense!
… All them Hard drugs!….wish i never started!
… Lots of wrong decisions, words..

We’ve all made one mistake or the other in time past, but what the heck? …we are flesh and blood! we are only human. What matters is not the mistake made, but how we could rise back on our feet after falling and be better than when we fell.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall – Confucius

But then, this is what iThink… what do I know ?