Video: Sexual Abuse,13th Floor

“What kind of God will allow an innocent child, to be molested?”

“I’ve encountered years of molestation in addition to being beaten so badly I was unable to attend school for a week and a half.”

 “MissTerious Janette…ikz (pronounced mysterious genetics) is simply a young woman who is in love with Jesus Christ and has decided to use every gift He has given her for His glory. She has been performing music, poetry, and dance for over 15 years. She currently co-owns Zeneith Performing Arts and is an official P4CM POET. She has also taken part in sharing the word of God at many conferences and churches. By Gods grace, she has been featured on the cover of Testify Sister magazine and most recently featured on the cover of Spoken Vizions Magazine. She is a member of P4CM where she is currently serves as the Praise and Worship Leader. Her album is set to release this year.  Her ultimate goal is to keep the mind and heart of a servant!” – Source:

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