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Welcome to the second project on obafuntaydotcom, The Letter to my unborn child project. If you missed the preview, you can view it here, just so you have an idea what we are up to, as much as the project title, speaks for itself.

Ever thought of writing a letter? Better still, a letter to your unborn child?

What would you name him/her? Why not give your unborn child a name now and write him/her a letter? Yes! Right now! Doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.

What do you think?

Today, we’d be reading Karo’s letter.

Hang in there.

Karo's Letter

Karo’s Letter


My darling daughter,

I can already tell you will light up my world. Every day I look forward to the day you will finally be in arms. You may be nameless for a few weeks after your birth because I won’t be able to find a sentence to qualify you.

First off my prayer for you is good health, seeing as you are my first child; I need you to be strong for the rest of your siblings.

I cannot wait for you to wrap your little fingers around my thumb, or bite on my nipple while I breast feed.

I’m enlivened with thoughts of your laugh or your cries, your first bicycle wound, your first fight at school, your first best friend and our first fight.

Every day I work so hard knowing that one day you and your siblings will be here, you need to have all that you need to have the kind of functional childhood your grandparents gave me. I assume that you will be a ‘mini me ‘, hopefully ten times more God fearing and five times more good looking.

As you may have noticed, your daddy is an amazing man, or we won’t be married now. I know you will be a daddy’s girl like I was and eventually when I have your brother we will have our own clique. When you finally come here you will hopefully meet me as hyperactive as I am now. So I can teach you how to play basketball and maybe squash. I won’t force you but I am sure you will be a tomboy like I was earlier, this is a good thing, you have the rest of your life to be a proper lady (it’s boring).

I can’t wait to dress you up. I look forward to watching you evolve too. I know you will be a stunner; I’m already beaming with pride. My girl, school work is a big deal, You need to do well in school, but this I say to you, If you have any positive non academic talents I will support you 100%. You are a star, don’t be self absorbed but do not ever be worried about being perfect, in our eyes you are perfect.

I can’t wait to read you stories and tell you of the great people that lived before your time. And when you see all the fruits of my labor, I will tell you stories of the great Madiba and how his life inspired me when I was less than 10 years old.

Music is huge; I cannot wait to hear the kind of music that your generation will hype. I look forward to telling you “no” when you want to go for your first party. Lol. My mum did it to me, I’m sorry girl, and I shall do the same rant all you want.

DATING: The thought of this worries me; I hope you can wait till you are 30 to have your first kiss or first boyfriend. I’m sorry I’m exaggerating but I know that like your father, I wouldn’t want to see you hurt. I must admit there are wonderful men out there, like your daddy. You may see us showing affection and being mushy all around the house, we are in love and hopefully would always be.

You would eventually be a teen, maybe a stubborn one as I was and we would fight but amidst all of this I want you to know, you are incredible. Having a child is special, I’m sure you would have yours AT THE RIGHT TIME.

I have learned so many things about life, the most important being: I am no one without God, if you understand this early enough your life will be a thousand times better than mine. Life is short, live it to the fullest, if you want something and you believe it in your heart, go for it. Baby, I know I have said all these, but do not give me a heart attack.

My pearl, you will come to notice that your mummy is a worrier; please do not pick up this habit. Live your life to the fullest, make your mistakes, grow up but please let’s never stop being best friends.

I plan to have many kids, biological and adopted but I want you to know that no matter how many kids come into our lives my love for you remains the same, undiluted. I’m sure charity will be a huge part of your life, as it is mine; I shall not force you though.

I am a non- conformist and I plan to change the world, if I mistakenly leave any stone unturned, I trust that you will turn it for me, for in you I see a better me.

I could go on and on, but I will stop here. Thanks for being a gift to me and the world. I really hope the world is ready for your awesomeness.

Love you baby.


• • •


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