@Aw3L3’s Letter

Welcome to the second project on obafuntaydotcom, The Letter to my unborn child project. If you missed the preview, you can view it here, just so you have an idea what we are up to, as much as the project title, speaks for itself.

Ever thought of writing a letter? Better still, a letter to your unborn child?

What would you name him/her? Why not give your unborn child a name now and write him/her a letter? Yes! Right now! Doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me.

What do you think?

Today, we’d be reading Awele’s letter.

Hang in there.

Aw3L3's Letter

Awele’s Letter

Hey, beautiful one.

The world is very lucky to have you, and the people who ought to realize this, will, soon enough. It’s an outrageous world you live in; you will meet bizarre people, experience weird and wonderful things. You must learn to take everything in your stride. You know my dear; I have so much faith in you and your abilities. I believe you can take on anything. However, Mother’s faith in you is nothing if you have no belief in yourself. The salt of the earth, the light of the world, a great man has called us, and I believe him. Logical isn’t it, that we are all created to carve out our own niche in humanity, to make someone or people happier, more comfortable, better? That we’re not just puppets inspired by some superior being’s desire to play large scale monopoly? You are special, and different, never let anyone tell you otherwise. Never believe anyone who calls you useless. You have a purpose, and even if it weren’t a niche, you must realize, that your breathing makes your father and I very happy and grateful. Regardless of how the irrelevant others might see it, you are so important. Believe strongly in yourself, and all the good that you choose to be. You will realize as you grow older, that people will form opinions about you, offer unsolicited advice about things in your life they really know nothing about. Use your discretion. You cannot afford to listen to everyone. They cannot all be right or goodness which way will you go? You see why you must have faith in who you are; once you do, every other voice will be the backdrop of your glorious existence.

One thing I have learned my child, is friends never really stay. They come and go in phases. Some leave us by our own doing, the loss of some may be our undoing, and if we are lucky, the amazing ones leave to return. You must expect this, brace yourself for the impending hurt if necessary, but never act like it. Don’t push people away because you think they might not stay. Enjoy friendships while they last, bask in the relationships that edify and truly make you happy, and learn from them. Again I warn you to use your discretion; not everyone who will cozy up to you likes you, and not everyone you meet will like you for the right reasons, whatever those reasons may be to you. Make your mistakes; some lessons must be learned firsthand, and the hope that keeps us going makes us want to try out in places and things where others have failed. Where would have been the faith in yourself and your abilities, if another’s failure daunted you? So make your mistakes. But learn from them, also.

Boys are a riveting group, aren’t they? Some are senseless beyond understanding; others so charming and gifted you can hardly take it. And all the better to observe when they become men. So are girls anyway. You must neither be deceived, nor deceive yourself; underneath the display of adoration, professed love, what men really want is sex. It might not be all they want, but that of course, is for you decide. No man wants anything more than regular coitus from an irresponsible woman. And if, God forbid you choose that path, you will find yourself invariably without a companion because really, no one wants to be with someone who has no standards, limits or value system. When you realize what you want from a man, you will prep yourself accordingly. I will leave the stern advice, direct exact warning, and rules to your father. There’s no one better to give you advice on men, that one himself, and one who loves you unconditionally. I love you also. I love you very much. Without reservation, and in spite of your past and future errors. You will become a great person, and I feel proud of you already.



• • •


N.B. The project goes on tomorrow, with Olawale‘s letter.

You can send in your own written letters to obafuntay@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “@Aw3L3’s Letter

  1. I’ve followed you progress avidly, Awele, from when i first noticed you on the tl as thishandletho, to just about 2hours earlier. And really, the big man upstairs shall continue to prosper every digit on your writing hand. You just restored equilibrum to my center in the middle of a trying day at work. Only thing is as you crank out this glorious pieces, remember to send them over to me 🙂

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