Soft Sulk

Source: Google

Source: Google

Solemn music yet again to soften my soul,
Nothing feels better than my aches from within,
Peace and anguish,
Smiles in frowns,
The beginning of the end is all I yearn for…

In this very world I have found my shield,
Depth in such shallow,
Yet again I grin amidst flooded tears,

With such confusion with much understanding
I remain silent to my Limbo-ed inception of a world I have created,
My solace and abode,
Here I call home and now I lay to sleep.

Where sorrow lights the days and tears lit the nights,
The rains of pains,
Storms of depression,
Lightnings of frustration,
Winds of strain,
Sands of weary.

I m back in time, where my thoughts linger.
Words in my head,
Songs in my heart,
It all remains,
The mysteries of my troubled mind.

Words of a black girl’s other.
– XiaYong

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