Nelson Mandela Day

Good morning guys,

It’s #VideoWednesday and Nelson Mandela’s day tomorrow. On this note, we have this 1min18secs clip and a short piece by @duchesskk

As a child, my daddy told me about a man who had served 27 years in prison because he believed blacks and whites should be treated equally in South Africa. I had so many questions which were eventually answered by reading all I could find about the great Madiba. Before long, it was obvious I had found my hero in him. This man is an enigma. As much as people feel close to him, like they know him so well they are still in awe of his accomplishments. Racism still exists and the ills of the world are uncountable but let’s not be discouraged. Let us celebrate a man whose resilience wrote his name in the books of history. Just one good deed a day can change you and eventually the world. Here’s to a man who tried to make a difference and ultimately did.

Do something today,
Help a child cross the road,
Smile at someone different,
Make someone happy.
The long walk to freedom never ends. Let us go the extra mile for Madiba, for ourselves.

So, the BIG QUESTION: What are you doing with 67-minutes, tomorrow?

Take action, Inspire Change, Make everyday Mandela day. 

. . .

Have a great Wednesday.


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Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela Day

  1. I doubt there will be anyone who can achieve what Madiba has accomplished in his life time.
    No one in their sane minds will ever think of disputing what a great man he is!
    Nice piece Karo!
    I’ve always admired Mandela. Unlike you, I never heard the Mandela story through my dad, but i remember when he was freed from prison in 1994. It was a great day!
    May we strive to do the little things that made/make Mandela an icon!

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