Letter to my unborn child, The Preview

This would be the second project on obafuntay.com, a big thank you to the contributors of this project who didn’t mind me disturbing them every other minute just to make this possible.

lrt son

Starting from the 19th, we’d be publishing these letters,everyday.

@EdGothBoy’s Letter
@ObaFuntAy’s Letter
@Seuntomas’ Letter
@FrankUgo_’s Letter
Olawale Ayoade’s Letter

ltr to unborn female

@scarville’s Letter
@Aw3L3’s Letter
@Femme_Fatale018 Letter
@TheSilentMaeve’s Letter
@Victoriadegboye’s Letter

On this project, we have 5 male writers/bloggers and 5 female writers/bloggers writing letters addressed to their unborn sons and daughters. Here, we aim to tell our unborn kids, things we would want them to know about life, friends, relationships, from personal experiences and lessons assuming we can’t get to tell them in person.

You can send in your letters to obafuntay@gmail.com and subscribe to the blog (at the right column) to follow the project, (if you are viewing with your mobile, just scroll to the end of this page to subscribe)

6 thoughts on “Letter to my unborn child, The Preview

  1. Trouvez dans votre entourage social plusieurs personnes qui souhaiteraient perdre du poids ou courir régulièrement,
    et motivez-les pour courir aux mêmes horaires que vous.

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