The Edge


The beginning.

A story of boy meet girl.

Hold my hand, dance with me.
He said.
I don’t normally dance,
She said.

‘Come closer, hear my heartbeat.’
A brick fell, and yet another.

I’ll dance, she said. Let’s dance.
To the left, to the right.
Hands to her waist, hands across his neck.
Seems unreal, lost in a trance.

‘Let’s take a walk,’
‘Trust me’
Lol. I don’t trust anyone

‘Follow me’, I’ll follow you.
Brick by brick, he took them down.
An avalanche hit.
A fall, greater than Humpty Dumpty’s

But then,

A beast was born
One, no one ever saw.
See something good, destroy it.
This beast, voices within, had won.

How you take the one you love,
to the edge and not just leave her there,
but shoot her, right there, in the heart.
she never saw it coming.

Wide eyed, she fell, reaching out.

I’m sorry.

Dance again?

11 thoughts on “The Edge

  1. And to think you promised her paper plane rides and islands in the stream status. Just one bullet and that swift edge, I m certain there s a branch or sth before she reaches rock bottom. Something to pick her back up, but then seeing your own, looking them in the eye and causing them such pain…

    • He did promise.
      He meant it.
      Paper planes and plastic cars.

      But then,
      People fall on the dance floor.
      Hoping to stand up and dance again.
      A chance, another to prove they can.

      Only human? No.
      He’s a beast, to cause such pain.
      A beast.

      He can’t live with himself, all by himself.
      He best be that branch to pick her back up.
      Rock bottom? No.

      Dance again, maybe?

  2. …and if her legs are broken,
    he’ll put her in a large cart,
    take her on rides,
    he’ll carry her,
    lift her high,
    wipe her tears,
    find a way to heal her bones,
    …she’ll dance again.

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