Life equals?

Hello! It’s another Wednesday… I’m sorry, you already know this 😦

Ever been rejected? Know that feeling of ‘Maybe I’m not good enough?’

Well, I know I have been there. Been rejected and felt not good enough.

How about you?

Today, I want to introduce you to these people that heard the words ‘you’re wasting your time‘ … ‘Do something else‘ … ‘You are not good enough‘ … ‘You’re too stupid to learn anything‘ … “You lack imagination and have no original ideas

Let’s see what became of them…

It’s a really short video, just over a minute.


If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived

Life = Risk


P.S. Please, if you have any video you think should be shared to others and we can feature on our #VideoWednesday, please mail me at

Thank you

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