True Story {VIDEO}

Hello Beautiful People.

So it’s a Wednesday, and we are starting what I like to call, “Video Wednesday”. Yes, simply because I think Wednesday is an awesome day to watch awesome videos. Agree? No? O well. :p So every Wednesday, I find a video that will either inspire you, make you laugh, make you cry… anything to make you have an awesome Wednesday. Be sure to check here every Wednesday for a short clip that will make your day.

Last week, we had “The Stool” . Today, here is another awesome video for an awesome Wednesday.

Note Before: This Video is liable to make you cry.

Everything i had worked for was finished. I hated everybody. I hated the world. I hated it all. I felt bitter. But i told myself I had to finish. I kept hopping round. Then, with 100 metres to go, I felt a hand on my shoulder, it was my old man – Derek

“Never give up, come what may… You’ll never walk alone.”

Believe in your someone, give someone hope… make some other person’s dream, come through.

…and as for you reading this, never give up. Keep going, yes, even with that torn hamstring.

We only fail, when we stop… when we give up.

But then, this is what I think, what do I know?

9 thoughts on “True Story {VIDEO}

  1. Nice 1, i hope u remember this ” I dedicate this video to u” U have acheived alot, but u have to continue in ur faith once again…show u have learnt ur mistakes and i can assure u…u will win”

  2. Very lovely wth a little sorrow & challenges in live! Is a life inspiration, we learn manything every day, heros learn 2 surely 4rm god, common people learn a lot 4rm heros, mostly god speak indirectly 2 every body in deferent angle. mostly wht u think is nt posible again god proof 2 make it posible, d life we think is already late n god can also proof that is nt yet late! sometime life look bitter, sometimes life look funny, sometime thing in life look like magic but only GOD is telling human been who he’s! i praise GOD.

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