The Stool

Today, I’ll do less talking and let the video below do all of the talking.

I watched this video and realised how often I have this argument with Him.

Can anyone relate to this?

You see, today I go, “oh Lord, have your way, take the wheel, I am done being in control” and once the decision He makes isn’t exactly what  I want I take the wheel back from Him.

I hope this video has ministered to you as it ministered to me.

We claim to give Jesus the stool to sit on… have we? …Really?…. Entirely?

You would know.

But then, this is what I think, what do I know?
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God Bless You.


8 thoughts on “The Stool

  1. this is really touching and its indeed he truth..most times i argue with him a lot…i don’t think ive entirely given Jesus the stool to sit on…..its time for a change…thanks funto…God bless u

  2. Mehn, am sure I’v chanced Jesus, like over 100 times and am still begging him to take the stool again 😦

    GOD will help us oh, nice one

  3. I definitely can relate with this. Oh so often, I struggle with handing over full control of my life and trying to selectively decided where he’s boss and where I’m boss. I’m learning each day to hand over full control of the reins of my life, its not easy but its definitely worth it in the long run

  4. This is exactly what happens in ð real life. We give our lives to Christ “we think we have given our lives to him” but then we keep taking it back by the little decisions we make that don’t go according to God’s plan. Wow! This is soo true….May we find ð grace to give Jesus the wheels, ð Driving seat…..Eventually. Amen.
    Good one Funto! 🙂

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