What If?

I honestly did not want to write this before, but not wanting to write about this, were all for the wrong reasons.

Running away from reliving an experience I had days back, Saturday precisely with my group of friends yet again (@SmileCare). This time, we visited LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) the Paediatric wards.

You see, immediately the Outreach rounded up, I hurriedly went out with friends, laughed and laughed even more at the funny and the not so funny jokes, found any and every way to amuse myself, got my head occupied not thinking about the things I just saw, by any means.

But there’s been this incessant urge to reach out to someone, even if it’s just one reader of this post, anyone out there, to read these pressing words. So I thought I’d share this on my blog, a few of you may have seen me rant about this on twitter.

I remember seeing a pregnant woman crying, shouting and literally losing it at Luth… She had just lost her Husband.
She kept screaming his name, for him to come back… He wasn’t going to come.

He was gone.

Thinking about last Saturday just gets me sober and thoughtful.

I mean, why will a few days old baby’s life depend on the oxygen tube? Something we have so freely, take so lightly. Why?
Or the Boy who has to let urine out through his skin? ‘Cause the hole of his penis was blocked? The smell of urine had become his perfume? Why? There was 2 months old Kemi, who has a Bad spinal cord.

See, these things I don’t get… these things, have me thinking. Why do they have to go through all that? Why?

I think we have to realize that life isn’t just about us, not just about You or Me.
It’s also about the role we have to play in the stories of others.
How we have to act here and there.
How we have to see a problem and try to fix it, not look away.
How when we say and mean those little words of encouragements, go a long way.
“You’ll be fine” “You’ll make it” “You can do this” “You are not alone”

I don’t think I ever want to go for a hospital outreach anymore. But you see, that is what is really out there.
The hurt. The pain. The misery. The agony.

Where is the Hope?
What if that’s your role? To give just that to them. What if?
There was this mother, who hadn’t smiled for ages, even the doctor was complaining. Seeing her son on the sick-bed for long couldn’t have been a pleasurable sight. Could it?
We thank God for Hope, she smiled that day, even laughed.

We made a difference there.

Please get the message clearly, Yes, we have a lot to thank God for, that we are alive, not reading this from a sick bed and many other things. But then, what about the ones going through these things? Are you going to see how you can help and actually help? or just look away? What if, that was you?

I can only hope this isn’t regarded as a trifling rant, I can only hope that someone out there is reading and is inspired to help… To give Hope.

Make a difference. Do something. Act.

I shared this with you, share it with another, use any of the buttons below.

It goes a long way.

But then, this is what I think, what do I know?

58 thoughts on “What If?

  1. They dont really understand all this things till they see it first hand..that is the thing.
    You dont have to be a member of SMile Care people..join a Charity Org today..go out as a family, whatever way and help all these people.. and experience and share the pain they go through.. Ur reward is nowhere else but in heaven,, and yeh u r free and always welcome to join Smile CAre Org

  2. I know I told you I’d love to be part of your next outreach… But when I found twas gonna be at LUTH……
    I had a similar experience during my service year.. Went on an outreach to General Hospital, ikeja… At the paediatric ward as well.. Its pretty much not an experience I’d love to remember… We really do have a lot o f things to thank God for… xx

  3. Some words from Solomon:

    I have seen all the works that are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and vexation of spirit.
    That which is crooked cannot be made straight: and that which is wanting cannot be numbered.

    ECC: 14-15,

    So often i have gotten angry, and sometimes depressed at the number of things that i wish i could change, and some i dont understand why they happened, but then i realised its just doing the little things we can where we can.

    P.S. im not a pastor or some overly religious person, I just found a lot of sense in Solomon’s words.

  4. WoW! I remember this day! We both use the same tactics though I just had to smile!…when I was praying for the children with @its_kash I had to fight back the tearss!

  5. we do not choose these things, fate dsnt allow us to, trying to figure out why they even happen can drive us insane. I was in a bus one day on my way home from school. My seat was by the window and suddenly i saw this woman by the side of the road with a baby sitting there looking really………dunno how to explain this. but for a few seconds i felt her pain, i could feel what she was feeling, i closed my eyes for a few secs and squeezed my face real hard, the person next to me musta thought i was crazy.
    these things happen, all we can do is try our best and do everything in our power to help.
    some stories need to be told, some people need to listen.
    this isnt why i write, its only 1%

  6. Ure rite in so many ways, its so much easier to look away from wt u cnt deal with like most ppl do, like I sometimes do. D fact is u cnt give hope to all of d world or help every one, but if u did nd I did we wud have a great pay it forward system dt wud go round like d little kid in d movie did. God bless.

  7. We need to think more about those in need and do whatever we can within our power to help. Even if it is little, if enough people do little things it will make a big difference. Prayer is one thing, action is another. Sometimes even a kind word of comfort can do a world of good.

  8. I love this post with all my heart you may not have all the riches in the world to help people but God has given you the best tin u can ever give to any 1 4 free and that is a SMILE………:-) therefore go out 2day give a smile and put a smile on anoda it cost notin but what it saves can be a life…funto ({})

  9. This is a clear expression of how you really feel, the emotions were very clear.

    We all have a part to play, GOD help us make this world a better place by puttin smiles on peoples faces.

    Nice one Funto.

  10. dis is really touching message,wot i observe was dat given cnt b done by mere flesh but we should pray to God to give unto us d spirit of given. May God help us

  11. Just had a similar experience too.. An awareness for the sickle sellers. I believe its all about making a difference..and reaching out to them cos one smile could save a life..thumbs up B

  12. Meeen its jst so pathetic…….God will see us through all this problems one day…….when ur @ home eating or in schl u can never know how to thank God for sound healith until you go to hospitals and see other people’s health condition. Funto the THINKER I can get all that ur saying..9ce one from you. This goes to everybody, you don’t have to be Bill Gate before you start helping people..Learn to give financial support,moral support., even spiritual support by praying for people. God will help us once again..And funto thanks again for giving me this opportunity to be serious.

  13. anoda piece reminding us on the need to cive thanks to BABA..yu sed it ma bro..we all have to do something to give HOPE..we need to give HOPE to our nations politics, peoples mindset,that little thing you do can change the world around you..Members of smile care from time to time show people that you do not have to be a multi millionaire before you can contribute to the world and the less priviledged. Good one brv

  14. All comments av just been a summary of wat goes on in my mind evry second of my life. What life is really about? Any need to make a noise or jump around?
    These victims were once upon a time happy and thanking God like we all r doing now…and there came trials… The question is: wat does d future hold 4me,i only know my present…but i always beg God to protect us from such.
    Furthermore,these issues help in making u retrace ur actions@ all times to b for gud

  15. Giving hope τ̅☺ d hopless,sharing the pains ☀̤̣̈̇f those in agony,makes life alot better. It wil really go a long way if we can out ☀̤̣̈̇f our busy shedule create time τ̅☺ reach out

  16. *breaths* Initially I dint want to comment,cos I waz so touched nd was almost in tears…Funto thank U for inspiring me once more…dz a reminder to all of us ,of wat we shld be doing…#Truthful #Inspiring #Original…thank U for dz !(y)

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