This is my #NotetoSelf


Two friends were walking on the street, joking and laughing, and then one jokingly pushed the other….

Tare: Oooh funto,cuz am light abi, dont evn think u are strong..

Funto: what!! that small push and ur complaining

Tare: Ehn!, small push! unno wat, i’ll give you 100k if you push yourself

Funto: Woow! how possible is that! i can do it sha,small thing..

If you think about it, the hardest thing to push is yourself…Even if you are the World’s strongest man or you are as weak as a two-year old, it takes something special to push yourself.

The reason why people often find themselves in a particular place or position for a while is because they find it difficult to propel themselves forward (you have a lot to do on a particular day, yet u are having a difficult time getting out of the bed, in…

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