Hello Vanity

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Today I'm in church, yesterday I was drunk
The preacher has no idea, to him I'm a monk 
But for a heads turn many exams I'd have flunked
Far below .. Deep, I have sunk 

One more step and there'll be no return
I'm chasing I'm chasing 
A thin line I'm tracing  
These "things" I seek, these "things" I cherish 
When I'm gone, these things will Perish

Money, houses, beauty, cars 
Even though we can't reach .. We sell the stars 
What is the meaning? .. What is the point?
Why we fill our glass ..why we roll a joint 

Fancy cars and expensive clothes
Annoying init how they don't join us in growth 
So we grow and we move on 
Ever searching for a new thrill.. For new fun 
My brother there's nothing new under this sun

Vanity upon vanity so the bible says 
At the end of the road we would part ways 
Me and my new car, you and your cool clothes 
Instead of our time to God we pray.. 

We go online and "I'm bored",we say
I'm no saint .. U bet your left eye, I stray
But then I wonder.. Look out my window and stare into yonder 
Life's quality, how then do we measure?  
Because Some kids can't afford boredom to them its a treasure

You see, boredom is a luxury, absence of usual pleasure 
Henceforth, I'll slow down, let me give u the low down
The important things I'll appreciate
My worries I'll elevate high to Him whom with, more I should relate

Empty things and meaningless treasure 
For want of such we heap on our heads enormous pressure
I hope therefore, my point I've made
Vanity upon vanity ... Everything will fade

- @seuntomas thinking on ObaFuntAy(dot)com

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