FEAR by (@Carltonkene)

Sweat streaming down from your head to your neck, hands shaking, over thinking and all others, my dear you have come down with a case of fear.


Many of us HUH! All of us have had a time with fear so I would not bother defining just a four letter word. From the President to the beggar on the street, everyone gets that feeling.  Whether it is a good feeling or not it is up to you.

According to history (or cartoon that I love watching) fire started because ancient man struck one stone on another. Now people with common sense y would u think man carried out that act, as for me i feel man was not bored and started playing with stone NO, he must have tried to sharpen a stone, for fear of being eaten, to use to protect his or herself and so after trying to sharpen the stone there was a spark and like magic fire started.

A negative view  can be seen in an exam hall during exam for fear of failure or disappointment he/she tries to cheat and in so doing gets caught or those of you (me too ) who want to do something but end up not doing it because of fear of one thing or the other.

Some fears can be avoided by doing the right thing at the right time. And if you can READ I don’t think i need to tell you what is right from what is wrong.

Fear continued…

I have come to realize that fear has so many names, most of the time they are followed by the word @phobia lol which is ‘fear of something’ here are some phobia’s: Botanophobia – fear of plants,

Most of us are guilty

Trypanophobia – fear of needles or injections, Somniphobia – fear of sleep etc. See this one:

Who no go fear?

Stygiophobia – fear of Hell, even fear of having fear is Phobophobia,

Phobophobia! … TF!?

there is even fear for countries lol Sinophobia – fear of Chinese in future there could be Nigeriophobia (Never).
But what fascinates me is babies show no sign of fear to what we as adults will see, and take to our heels. My mum told me about how a snake wrapped round a baby’s leg and the baby didn’t let out a scream but it is funny how if you bring a clown near babies there is a high tendency for them to cry due to fear, (i later found out it is Coulrophobia – fear of clowns) , oh and for people who love gist, the baby didn’t die. For more info contact: My Mother

As a Christian i have been taught that as a being, i should not fear because it is a way for the enemy to attack and well fear is good at rendering someone defenseless.

To end this, I would say you should only overcome your fear and not let it have the best of you. P.S only fear GOD. So for those of you who are reading this and are on twitter don’t show fear and follow @carltonkene

Have a FEAR free day!
#QuickQuestion 1. What phobia do you have?

#QuickQuestion 2. What’s your greatest fear?

Thank you for reading. Please make use of the comment box and answer today’s #QuickQuestions

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