What C.U Has Taught Me..

Hello Beautiful people.

So, my brain has been on some sort of Hiatus for quite a while… every time I put my pen to paper or try to type something, it’s all banality. I’ve missed a lot of opportunities to write articles in some school magazines because of this. So I thought to try something to wake up my dear brain up…

And this is where you come in handy, where, you help poor ol’ me.

It’s a challenge… You give me any title to write on, no matter how random, I have to write on it.

I’ve gotten a couple already…

Yesterday, @sisi_Ope challenged me to write on “What CU (Covenant University) has taught me”.  You see I don’t exactly like to write about my school.. but since I’ve been challenged.. O well

I put the question(What has CU taught you?) out there to my awesome followers on twitter.. (That reminds me, Follow me ^_^ –> @ObaFuntAy) I got some remarkable replies as you’ll see below.


How it all started…

So I put the question out:

so apparently, our parents haven’t wasted money, I mean see, we’ve been learning a lot from school…

and some people had just learned too much to say….

others still had these to say….

…and for those that go home every weekend, here is what they learnt:

What’s wrong with this tweet:

Found out yet? …


For me, CU taught me one major thing amongst others…

Know your school’s anthem, you could be asked to sing it during your Project defense. No jokes! I was asked to do this, after the first line, I started humming. x_x

To be honest, my school is a fun place to be… I mean see all the fun things we’ve learned. ^_^

Make use of the comment box! Challenge me, any title!! and tell us –> What CU has taught you???!!!


64 thoughts on “What C.U Has Taught Me..

  1. This is one very hilarious post!!..I laughed all the way!!.. (Y)

    And also about your hiatus its needed once in a while it gives room for improvement for the most part and clarity!.. been on one too and its been awesome!.. 🙂

  2. Funto has done it again!!!!! Creativity and bringing people together to share ideas and experiences….nice one! Keep it up!!!!

  3. Nice, some hilarious tweets tho… Buh we 4got some, CU has tot us 2 fear men in suits, headlights at night & hiding our fones even wen we r at home

  4. Funny stuff…. Thanks for the project defence heads up, imma learn the skul anthem ASAP cos I dnt know it!!… All in all, Good post!!!!

  5. Nice one FUNTO
    C.U thought me that those who STAB are much more secure than those who go for General Assemblies…Imagine how that guy who papa woke up during TTG would have felt if he was expelled —“mehn I was so tired from last night I sholud have just stayed in my room” 🙂 Thank God for him though we’re all graduating in 5 days

  6. Rotflol! Y’all are one hilarious bunch. It’s all cool stuff though.
    I enjoyed the read.
    And you were asked to sing the anthem during your project defense?? That’s deep.
    I didnt attend covenant but I can say that I learned the hard way that you can’t have a long distance relationship with someone in CU.

    As for something to write about; how about life as a graduate?

  7. Haaaa! Loooooool! I swear! Everything complete diee!
    Yh yh! CU taught me that every General Assembly should be regarded as a solemn one

    Nice Post G!!!

  8. I finished from C.U last year, and a year later, i still find it hard to put my ringtone on.
    C.U taught me never to collect water from boysss…. It might just be vodka..

  9. Lmaoooo!! Dunno wah 2 say rara! Nd dat circular stuff eh. . .chai! Hw cud u?? Lolz! CU appears to be a gud place to learn issues of life tho. . . And OMG, ur skul anthem?? Oh mehhhhn,sure u’d av felt lyk disappearin der n den…nice n hillarious one,funto! 😀

  10. Okay,this is quite hilarious… As a graduate of Babcock university where its like we are in prison, we ddnt face this much trouble.. Imagine if you guys ddnt wear trouser 4 gals, u don’t eat meat, can only use kettle 4 water.. Allowed to go home once a month etc.. But you guys tried sha.. Congrats on ur grad.. Hope to be there..

  11. Coupled with the fact that you guys are treated like kids.. Imagine telling final year students of a university to kneel for whatever reasons.. Congrats on your freedom again

  12. Didn’t school in CU, but in a simillar environment(MAU)… They taught ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ how to perfect the art and science of DECIET…

  13. Didn’t school @ CU, but in a similar environment. (MAU)… They taught ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ how to perfect the art and science of DECIET.. To Bad I’m not enjoyn it much, now dat I’m in the real world.

  14. Wow….well, this is one link I decided to open and it sure made me laff….. CU for life baby… I’m proud of my skl and rili I did learn everything everyone above learnt.

  15. Hmmmmm @Obafuntay nice 1 bro CU taught me a lot, how to climb roofs jsut to smoke weed CU also made me Secretive becos u cant even trust ur roommate and how to live without fear i kissed fear in CU shiiiiiittttttt

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