In Pursuit of Perfection

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As a child, I wanted to be a lot of things at different stages of my life. I think it started with me wanting to be an Artist, to draw and paint. I had been told time after time by my mother that I was a “born artist” but all I had to show for it were stick figure drawings, even my handwriting was a fail at Fine-art.

So I moved on…

Before long, a day came when I was in the hospital, the doctor had just prescribed my medications, I looked at the prescription sheet and couldn’t read a thing he wrote and I could buoyantly beat my chest as my handwriting was fabulous as compared to his. I later went on to find out that it was something notable about most doctors. My joy knew no bounds! I was going to be a Doctor!

Alas, I encountered a beast called Biology in my journeying to be a Doctor. That beast tore me apart over and over all through senior secondary school. My best grade was a ‘C’.

Yet again, I had to move on…

My Grandfather had always and still wants me to be a lawyer and with my being an Artist and Doctor dream now behind me, I set out on being a Lawyer. You see, Literature isn’t a tough subject, I like it, I appreciate it but my teacher back then – Mr. Akindele was a tough one. The cane was his best bud and confidant; he always used it on us at the slightest opportunity for inane reasons. I mean, look at the picture below, yes, that’s me, the boy in the yellow shirt (Hail, Hope House). Don’t worry, there is a no insult I couldn’t have possibly heard yet about this picture. But common, look how fragile (too mild a word to use) I look… I ran away from literature class and picked up another subject, I couldn’t stand the torture any longer. Literature however, was a prerequisite to study Law as a First degree.

You see, as a child I wanted to be a whole lot of things, I also wanted and still want to be Superman (I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Superman?) I believed in a whole lot, lot of people, no worries, I was beautifully naive as the Child in “The Tale of a Little Child” but along the way, I’m not sure if it was because I was growing up or ‘cause I was tired of the recurrent disappointments, but bit by bit I lost faith with each upset, I wasn’t sure of what to believe in anymore, insecurity set in, almost zero confidence in myself, all the smiles, the happiness, all of it had seemed to take a walk, going one after the other, falling, falling, falling. The Domino effect.

I just wanted to be perfect.

I’ve started another journey, I have put on my Frye boots, now, I just want to be me, no matter what I do; maybe with each word I write, I get to create art, maybe my mother was right, maybe I’m a born-artist, maybe with everyone that reads a post, I get to heal a part of them, maybe I’ll Inspire someone, maybe, just maybe along the way I’ll find perfection,

 I think being perfect is discovering who you are and being exactly that person


Today is my birthday!! #JustSoYouKnow, May babies are the most awesome folks you’ll ever find! *pops collar*
A big thank you to everyone showing me Love and support.

I intend to eat Cake all through today so if you have any suggestion on how I can rid off sugar out of my system at the end of the day, please let me know. This is very essential!

All that being said, in the words of John Carter, Take up a Course, Fall in Love, Write a Book. Inspire someone, start something that matters.

I may not be perfect just yet, but I’m in pursuit of perfection.

But then, this is what I think, what do I know?

82 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Perfection

  1. This post is awesome, reminded me of my childhood. While you’re being an author, you should write a book bout your life. I know I’d buy it. Keep this up, and Happy Birthday.

  2. Happy birthday (: You know one thing, I always try to achieve the best. And it takes a lot of struggle. I used to get Cs in science, in a year. A YEAR OF STRUGGLE, I achieved a B and then the next year, I started getting all A’s. So my point is that… nothing can be achieved easily. So who knows, maybe just maybe if you tried hard enough, you would have become a doctor. (:

  3. Hey Happy Birthday again!!..
    Soon you would find just have to keep working hard towards it and by GOD’s grace!..

    And OF course Maybabies are awesome babies!!. ^_^

    May 23rd 🙂

  4. Nice work, I bet your literature teacher will be proud of you now, Happy birthday once again, and o yes! D best way to get rid of excess sugar is by not eating the cake at all. Have fun…

  5. That yellow shirt my dear Funto is quite a fail, a little too small for you. LOOL
    On the write-up, I love the sincerity its written with, yet it still passes on a clear message. I completely agree with what you’ve said about what perfection is; your thinking and writing stirs up the right thoughts in us too.

    Happy Birthday once again darling, you’re a great guy and a phenomenal writer in the making. God Bless You.

    Ms Johnson.

  6. This is Lovely Funto. You always impress me with ur write-ups. And for d cakes u had 2day (or wl stl have)- Sugar is turned into glucose which your body uses for energy, so if you exercise you will use energy meaning that you are burning glucose which makes the sugar disappear. So u ve some exercises to do. :p. Happy Birthday!! 🙂

  7. Nice post… just read now… 🙂 i love it…
    Ermmm i think u wee make a gud Cake Eater *if dere is a profession like dat* Ole *Hisses* I hate u brof looool…. Nice one Many more years in Gud Health sir 🙂

  8. Wow!!! Mr Akindele no try o! Lol
    I kinda miss these days, having the freedom to experiment with anything and everything. Wonderful piece, felt good to remember thise days

  9. Wonderful piece, makes a whole lot of sense, but like I said on twitter wen Ʋ put dis pictr up…….”If Ʋ looked like dis then, what did kk look like”??…..looooool.

    Nice one bro (Y) and btw have a happy. Β’day…..cheers

  10. my dear funto em wishing u a very last BD as an undergraduate. n pls watch wat u eat coz jedi jedi (chop yansh chop yansh) is real. av fun. good post by the way******

  11. lovely post funto, as always. i have a similar story you know. at some point i wantedto be a doctor so bad but biology messed dt up *_* then i wanted to be an engineer but somewhere along d line, i ended up where i am ryt nw n i’m loving every bit of it…..we are all in the pursuit of purpose and hopefully we’ll discover ourselves before its too late.

  12. That picture…. Breathe lolade breathe, LOOOOOOL

    “I think being perfect is discovering who you are and being exactly that person”
    Yup, its like perfection with imperfections (it makes more sense in my head). Love LOVE this post!! Still on my way to that *happy place* Slowly but surely.
    God Bless you real good Funto
    Oh yeaa, May babies are awesome! 😀
    Shared sentiments with biology, it was such a pain!!

  13. 1) Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!
    2) I didn’t get cake. (I’ll just stop there).
    3) THAT PICTURE???!!!! LOOOOL!!

    Don’t forget that you are perfect in God’s eyes.
    Happy Birthday Funto!

    • You know, we go to the same school, and i still haven’t met you yet… That explains why u couldn’t get my cake 😦 ..
      LOL. The picture, iKnow.
      Thank you numburWOHN. Thank you for reminding me about that. Yes, we are perfect in God’s eyes.
      Thanks for reading.

  14. *whew* Happi belated bday…am reading dis late again!…wonderful wonderful write-up as alwz….nd indeed u inspire someone wiv evry write-up….I can totally relate wiv dis piece…kip it up!

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