“Amour en Images” – Love in Pictures

This post was initially published on the 14th day of this month, alas most people could not see the pictures so i had to kill it.

Behold, 6 days after… it resurrected! Let somebody shout… Halleluiah!

“Amour en Images” – Love in Pictures… Re-published! 🙂


Remember “First,Love” ? <—- Follow the link to read before scrolling down 🙂

Festival of Love turned out a huge success and the Head of Planning Committee FOL3, @AyoB_ was kind enough to show us how it all went down in Pictures.



The festival of love is an annual event hosted by Project One Million Souls which is an avenue platform created to share love with the less privileged right in the university campus. It is a platform created to have the less privileged and needy interact with the Covenant University community and be given the warmth and unwavering love of the society.

The invited homes for Festival of Love 2012 include:

              Sale of Hand-fans to students of Covenant University by members of Project One Million Souls to raise fund for the event

Cutting of Fruits by Members for the Sales of Punch Drink… Also to Raise Funds For the Event

Selling Punch on the Football Field and Basket Court in other to raise Funds for the Event… Did this for Four Weekends


A Day to the D-Day:

Packaging of Gifts for Children: At Right hand Corner on Glasses is the Head of Project One Million Souls “Rume Pela”

Display of the Gift Items

Covenant university Students and Members of Project one Million souls… Helping out

                                                                              Finally we were done Packaging the Gifts 




The D-day –> April 7th 2012:

Going to Pick the Homes Yay! Time to Show Love

And the Children and Homes are here… Let’s Have Fun together

Dance Competition for the Children…. All the Children that danced were selected as the Winners by the Crowd

… Aww!!! So sweet

Face Painting…. Done by Covenant Uni’s Decorating Unit … Adding Colours to the Children

Some Pupil from BIRREL BOYS REMAND HOME, YABA gisting with a Student.. I wonder what they were saying, the Boys look all happy and having fun

Vice Chancellor Covenant University:  Prof. Aize Obayan In attendance.

VC Playing with the Children for the Orphanages … A Caring Mother Indeed.


The Children Amusing Us again with their Dance Steps

Covenant University Theatre Group with their Lovely Drama

Covenant Dance Group (Reflections) Also Entertained and Showed Love through their Dance…

IJAMIDO CHILDRENS HOME, OTTA Also dazzled Us all with their Dance Performance …They got Talent

VC Covenant Uni.. Dancing with Mickey Mouse loool..

We would surely Miss Them 😦 … They Berra Come Back Next Year or wait we still have many Outreaches, we would see them at their Homes Yay!!! + We would have them here next year 😀

Hehehe… The Loading truck was nowhere to be found… We had to do this…

but I’m sure it was worth every Sweat in our Vein.

The End.

25 thoughts on ““Amour en Images” – Love in Pictures

  1. A big Kudos to those putting so much effort in putting smiles on faces of the less privilege….God bless You all…Well Done 🙂

  2. awesomely terrific……… i wish i could be there…. God will never forget your labour of Love, He will continually increase you and favour you even when you didn’t expect. God bless u guyzzzzzzzzzzz. I love you all.

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