Yet Another Question

Its 12:59am, I can’t sleep, I want to but my thoughts won’t let me be…
a myriad of questions, but who do I ask? Are they even meant to be asked?

I knew him from a distance, I always wondered why he gave his all,
the hassle and stress just to ensure the mic was working, the projectors were on track,
he did all the technical things effortlessly; with less than 90 days to convocation,
he put in yet again his all to ensure the success of the ceremony, one he’ll never be able to attend in person.

I remember the day I heard he was gone, gone for good. I dint understand, I still don’t understand.
Why did he have to die?
Why do we even live?
Why him?
How exactly do we say who dies or who lives?
What about his dreams?

But amid the avalanche of questions, one thing stood certain – Life is short, it really is.

In the past few days, I’ve heard and read what people had to say about him and they said a lot,
he meant a lot of things to a lot of people. It’s definitely too late to add him on facebook
so I could write on his wall, but if I were to write, here will be my words:

It’ll be untrue to say you are gone for good, I was wrong. In the hearts of many,
those you know and those like me that you don’t know, you left a mark,
your imprint lingers. From the distance I knew you; you taught me one thing
– We Live to Serve.
That’s all I ever saw you do – Serve. You’ll forever remain loved for this.”

I still don’t understand a whole lot of things, life is a freaking jig-saw puzzle,
putting the pieces together has become mission impossible.

So many questions to ask Him at the end of this all… his death, yet another question.

#RIP Femi Ademiju

Maybe it’s just me, but there are just so many things I do not understand.

His ways, not our ways.

But then, this is what I think, what do I know?

10 thoughts on “Yet Another Question

  1. yeah…av also got many qns to y he had to go at ds tym….
    God has a reason 4 everyfin
    wonderful write-up…*thumbs up*

  2. beautiful and inspired writing. it just captured all my thoughts. couldn’t have put it better.RIP Femi. Rest in d bossom of ur Lord

  3. i also didn’t know him personally, but his lifetime has left an indelible mark on my mind…..i know for sure Femi is in heaven having a feast with the Lord…God bless us all, and give us the grace to live a life of service. Amen

  4. He was very hardworkin nd 4rndly, 😦 tears fell 4rm my eyes wen I checkd his fb pictures nd I saw myself in one of his pictures evn tho we were nt fb 4rnds……. The 1st word he sed to me wen we tlkd dt day in console was dt u r indeed peaceful cus I was wearin a top wiv *peaceful* inscribed on it. I rememba d relationship gist we had during one of our service unit meetings nd d bye bye till ur convocation I tld him wen I ws about leavin 4 IT not knwin he wasn’t actuali goin 2 wait till den. RIP Femi Ribadu, u left ur mark

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