#ThisIsMe – ImperFect

Times I should sit back and pray
I do otherwise and go astray
I fall short and sin day after day
My flesh and guilt hold me sway.
Hypocrisy my ally, as a chameleon I always blend in, lust my new found love.
Now I’m happy, this I say, the opposite the case.
Within I bleed, an empty can I have become, tossed around by the fierce winds of this world, dented I’ve become, imperfect I am.
A perfect picture I seem to be to the Red riding hoods.

I have put up quite a show, very impressive, the curtain call I always anticipate my very being I desecrate.
One man is never deceived,
One man knows the truth,
One man looks through and sees all I try so hard to hide.
The flaws, the scars inflicted by thorns of this rose we all call life, all the imperfections I thought my colorful garment concealed. He sees.
One man… The man in the mirror.

I meander through this boulevard named life.
Lost in a maze, I need God’s way out.
Today I choose to go no further without His direction, that I may look at myself and all I have be without pelf.
That I may be filled again with the love I once believed in, my garment I put down so that all may look and see me, the imperfect me. Their chants for an encore I turn deaf ears to.
I choose to follow His lead and rove no more.
I choose to live through each day being happy.
I choose to smile when others wear a frown.
I choose to sing like no one is listening.
I choose to dance (I’m the worst dancer ever) like no one is watching.
I choose to live a life of gratitude.
I choose to do away with things/people that always make me unhappy and stick with happy things like Cake :D.
I choose to love like I’ve never been hurt.
I CHOOSE to be ME! In a world that fights day in, day out to make me different.
So that after the day is done and I’m all alone and I look at that man, we both smile. 🙂


But then, this is what iThink, what do iKnow ?

35 thoughts on “#ThisIsMe – ImperFect

  1. These words descirbe my feelings.I connect with this so well it scares me because this is some thing that I needed to read and take in.This is a great piece.

  2. I choose to be ME..2 try 2 do tinz d rite way no mata hw hard it is..n i choose 2 accept HIS undying luv 4 me…n i choose 2 b a gud friend 2 funto ayinoluwa…

  3. I choose †̥o be FREE 🙂
    I choose †̥o spread luv by every means….. & most importantly †̥o luv myself more than ever… \=D/
    Funto (y)

  4. Funti Funto… This is what i have to say as i feel like saying it… now- This is indeed a piece many people need to read…. think you should probably print it out n possibly share to people in school. Many youths today are fighting with WHO THEY ARE…and just want to be who the world wants them to be…they seem to forget that everyone is an inestimable jewel n there is something in each n every person that would cause the world to celebrate…am so glad i know someone who has found his…U (Who the world is waiting to celebrate). Okay, my talk is getting to long 🙂 but Funto i just want you to know that sincerely n personally i am extremely happy i met u on my journey thru life… u are indeed one of the very few people in this world i would not trade anything for. Keep up the good work bro in letting the world know we have a perfect God who is one with us even in all our imperfections……….

  5. i love this…..its so heartwarming…you’re doing a good job hun…This is FABULOUS!!!..a must read for everyone…:)…God bless you funto

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