All I want for Christmas is…

When i was little, every Christmas, I’d wake up to find a gift wrapped under my pillow there was I believing in santa…
then, I called him Father Christmas. Back in the day, I’d go to bed on Christmas eve with a smile on my face hoping and wishing that my christmas wish becomes my christmas gift, most times, it was either what I had wished for or a satisfactory alternative.
Alas, I grew up and it came to me in an epiphany that there was no santa 😦 .

My Dad and mum had been santa all those nights,
there was really no old man with all the white beard that wore a red apparel
and jumped downed chimneys and gave children gifts while they lay asleep.

…  I had grown up.

when I was a child, I spake as a child,
I understood as a child, I thought as a child,
but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Now a man, on christmas mornings, nostalgia sets in.
I’d wake up and find myself fighting the urge to check under that pillow
at times, I did and of course there was nothing there.
Now, it’s another Christmas and just like every other,
I have a wish but there’s no need to go looking under the pillow this time
because what i want cannot be found there… No, it’s not Red-Velvet(though I really want that too!!),
it’s not an Harmonica, not even an iPhone 4
and No! It’s not her… I gave up on that a while ago.
All I want this time, is a miracle… my own miracle.

I want to experience a miracle, I want to have my own testimony,
be able to share my own story, climb up a pulpit and say
“Once upon a time, a much-loved family member was ill, we prayed, and she’s fine now”
or to say “This nose of mine was once such a terror, but look at me now, I’m all good”
I see people climb up the pulpit every sunday to share a testimony… I’m always happy about this,
but along with the happiness, came envy.
I just want the same. I always ask the same question, is this too much to ask?

So here is a note to the reason for the season… the celebrant Himself, not the guy in the red apparel.

Dear Jesus,

I wonder how old you are now, I really can’t tell ’cause since I was born,
the Pastor keeps saying 2000 years ago.
I hope you are having loads of fun with my grandpa, all the saints and the angels up there.
#JustSoYouKnow, I look forward to your birthday the most every year,
I must confess though, my reason is a bit selfish.
’cause it’s only on your birthday I get gifts 😀
it’s another year again, added to your eternity,
it’s Christmas again, but this time,
what I want is a bit different…
All I want for Christmas is a Miracle.

Your son.


As we grow up, things we seek tend to change and the truth is that what we really want can’t be given to us by Santa Claus, just look at the image in the post. So, address  your request(s) to the celebrant Himself.  He can do all things!!!

Thank you for reading  this post, please go the extra mile and use the comment box to share to myself and others what you want for Christmas starting “Dear Jesus”.

There’s always that “one thing” we all want! … question is, what is it? 


But then, this is what iThink… what do iKnow ?

74 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is…

  1. dear Jesus i want to say thank you cuz i know in your word in phillipians4:19 that you shall supply ALL my needs according to your riches in glory so i know that i will lack nothing cuz its already taken care of by you…………

  2. Omg! I luv dz poem… Ion knw u dou bt am proud of yhu…. Gdjob..dear santa,all I want for christmas is a miracle too oh!+unendn success n prosperity..amen!

  3. Dear Jesus, i cant explain how much i love d story of how You were born, how pple assumed d wise men were 3 cuz dy gave You 3 gifts…lol…Your birth is still amazing to me…d story never goes out of fashion…without You i am nothing…and as we all celebrate You dis season, all i want is to know the depth, height, width and breadth of Your love 4 me…:)

  4. Dear Jesus,
    Just Like this piece, I want my Christmas to be filled with more of you.. I want to forget what I may think I need but fill it with what you want from me. I want to make people smile this Christmas, make the people who need things get what they want through you. I want the world to realize that Christmas is not about selfish wants or needs but about helping people and celebrating the birth of our Lord and Saviour. Most of all Lord, I want to make you proud.. That is what is most important this Christmas season for me.

    This is an absolutely wonderful article and God will make you bigger!!!

  5. Woooow!This is really really nice,and am not just saying dis cos i am supposed to leave a comment am saying this cos its d “truth”……i mean God is using u mightily…..this is really inspiring..thumps up (Y) …….lovely!

  6. Dear Jesus, all I wnt 4 christmas is wat u wnt 4 me,my family and loved ones in this time of our lives 2 take its course by Your grace and to say a THANK YOU that never ends…Funto, your write up is beyond amazing(not just dis 1 but all the others)…knowing you has been and is 1 good thing in my life and I’m very much proud of you…and thank you also for giving us what to reflect on this season…

  7. Rili nyc write-up funto 🙂
    Dear Jesus…fank U̶̲̥̅̊ 4 a wonderful 2011…cld U̶̲̥̅̊ pls make 2012 a hundred times beta dan dis yr was? 🙂

  8. Very lovely, I just wanted to keep reading. Impressive funto. All I want for Christmas is to let everyone know the importance of the season. ‘Joy to the world’

  9. omg luved it.. rily inspiring
    dear Jesus, all i want for christmas is you, your presence, your touch, ur divine encounter, inshort ,everything about you JESUS

  10. Dear Jesus,
    If i decide to start telling you the things i want for christmas,i might not leave this place….so I’ll just go with what funto wants cos it sounds lyk a package dt cn come with all d thngs i want… A MIRACLE…i want my very own miracle…..n i know its nt a big deal fr u…. 🙂 I’m expecting it oooo….
    Your luvable n huggable daughter.

    Funtooooo dis is awesome…. (Y)

  11. Nice one bro…………..this is brilliant, it is so on point!!!

    Dear JESUS,
    I wouldn’t ask anythin’ for xmas, rather I would thank u for what u hv done in my life and family this year…..u r indeed merciful.

    Pls bless the writer of this poem and his family.

  12. mr ayinoluwa..very nice something u put up man…cheers to that…Dear Jesus thank you for the Grace you have made available thus far, thank you cos much more of it is what am experiencing this new year..nd that other stuff that funto doesn’t need to know about…

  13. i loooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee the write up…..its realli impressive it made me smile nd gave mi a better understanding of christmas….uptop partner

  14. Dear Jesus, all i want for christmas is completion in You! Thats it.

    Funto, anytime i read a post of yours, i think. And thats a good thing. So thank you. Love love LOVE this post! God bless you.

  15. First time I’m visiting your website and I love it!!!!!

    Dear Jesus,
    I know you’ve done so many miracles in Funto’s life. You’ve giving Him countless testimonies, he’s just looking for a ‘BIG’ testimony. You said in the book of Matt 21:22 that whatsoever we ask for in prayer, will be given unto us, as long as we believe. So this Christmas, one thing I ask of you is that you give him a testimony that surpasses his former testimonies. Thank you for answering. Amen.

    I’m awaiting your testimony Funto 🙂

  16. Dis so nice… actually know that someone appreciates Jesus and remembers that kwixmax z not all bout d chicken but he himself that was born.
    Dear Jesus,
    help me to appreciate and love you the way funto does and funto thank you for giving me the best gift for kwixmas fanking Jesus and loving him more. I love this post.

  17. ds z brilliant….tz lik u got more dan 1 *light bulb* 4 ds…:)
    DEar Jesus all i want is more of ur love..lik it shd neva leave me…never..also 4 ma family n friends

  18. Funto dis is real gud I must confess.I also want a miracle.
    Dear Jesus all I want for xmas is a heart dat can love d unlovable n forgive d unforgivable

  19. Dear Jesus, i hope its not too late to ask 4 a christmas gift! what i want is a new nose for ur son – Funti funto. Thank u. I LOVE YOU.mmmwwwaahhh.

  20. Dear jesus,
    am so sory dis is coming very late, buh al d same lord i want to tank u for my past, my present and my future. coz u sed dat d tot u av 2wards me re tots of gud 2give me a future n a hope. so dear lord in dis yr 2012 help me 2 always put smiles on d faces of pple n also 2please u lyk neva b4. lastly God bless d writer of ds article so he wont run out of beutiful articles lyk ds n also grant HIM success in his exams. lol funto GOD bless u ril gud.

  21. “Early xmas wish list”..Dear Jesus pls i want funto in my life 4eva..ilove dis post..ts funy,inspirin,n very dwn 2 eartn..n i promise 2 get yu gifts on ur bdai..

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