The Race I Run

I find myself on a track, but it’s just me
on the ground, my left knee
hands behind a white line
there’s a crowd, but no one’s cheering


My heart’s pounding, pulse pumping
my feet moving… I’m running
now i hear chattering
I see faces, some i know, others i don’t
but they all sit there, watching.

is the wind speaking?
I hear it clearly now, reverberating,
will he finish, he will finish, he can’t finish
but i have to, well, their qualm to tarnish

Now i see hurdles, here and there
i scale here, stumble there
my clothes in tatters, all i hid now laid bare
i need Your help i whispered, my eyes tear

Now, He’s here…

I feel Him ahead, my sides and rear
I’m still running, this time, without fear
hurdles that used to interfere,
suddenly begin to disappear.
This race, i shall finish and finish well
for the end is near.


What type of race are you running ?.. When you fall, do you get back up or lay there lamenting ?
Do you listen to what people have to say? Do you really need that crowd ? Do you run only when people are looking ?

Ask yourself.

Remember, He’s always there, all you have to do sometimes is whisper.

As we run in 2012, let’s run with Him.

But then, this is what iThink, what do iKnow ?

35 thoughts on “The Race I Run

  1. Wow…..Funto ur indeed an inspiration..Keep up the good work. I wuld never stop being proud of you….Waiting for more! GLORRRRRRRRRY.

  2. *sigh*….. Apparently I’m touched by this….. Let’s hope 2012 will allow all of us run with him……funto thumbs up, you try small :p

  3. Nice piece……the third question made sense, “do u only run wen pple r lukin?”
    …….like i have always been told, GOD is closer than u think, and u jst comfirmed that sometimes all we have to do is whisper.

  4. †̥o think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing. Sometimes you just have †̥o take the leap & build Ūя̲̅ wings on the way down….Make a choice now….
    Funto nice 1 bro. (1ce again)

  5. I read this when it was yet 2 be completed ,even at that time it sounded realy nice as I read it aloud…it makes so much meaning.. I’m proud 🙂

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