What’s all the fuss about?

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Life sucks, life’s a bi**h, it’s a hard knock life ….some of the sayings we grew up with… generally life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and unless we take caution or deliberately take action and do our best to fight our “man” …life bites us in the rear …unfortunately it takes a conscious effort to see the good in most things…almost everywhere you turn to there’s a reason for that smile to turn upside down.

I spent the better part of my life wondering what all the fuss was about, Christmas, birthdays, new year, sallah, thanksgiving, bar mitzvahs, st patrick day, my personal worst valentines day, the list is almost endless I’m tired already… to me it was pointless ..plain and simple in a way I still think it is.

My eyes glued to the t.v i watched as they explained on sky news how life and areas in Libya were left to vigilante groups and how the cities were prone to random outbursts of violence, the other day a friend of mine recounted to me the slightly disturbing  encounter his pops had with them boko haram blokes and it hit me… life is actually not very fair and all around us sadness knocks on every door so it actually makes sense for us to look for and indeed grab every opportunity we get to be happy so cheers to every one celebrating their birthday and to those people who create those holidays keep up the good work…

In conclusion…. cheers!!!! ill drink to that..and that….and that… now I see what all the fuss is about.


Today is 9/11 …. Yet again a sad day for the Americans and the world at large, but on this same day, I’m sure iHave a Long distant relation who was born on that same day, you also probably have a brother, sister, cousin, nephew, niece…okay, you get my point, …that whose Birthday, wedding anniversary, naming ceremony, christening was on 9/11.

My Point: Life is too short…… We know this already sheii?

So just as the genius writer said, “grab every opportunity you get to be happy” …Yes, think about the future but at the same time live in the moment… celebrate your Birthday, it’s another person’s Death day, Your wedding anniversary is another couple’s divorce/separation date (hopefully, you get my point yet again).

Be Happy, do away with people who make you sad all the time, celebrate, party, have fun, impact others, above all, make a difference.

*Observe a minute silent here*

In Respect for every one that died on this very day 10 years ago.
May their souls rest in peace.

But then, this is what iThink, what do iKnow ?

What are your thoughts? **Please make use of the comment box.**


22 thoughts on “What’s all the fuss about?

  1. Awww!! This is touching!! I agree Life is too short to mope around!! My bday was actually some days back and I tot this same thing!! Thumbs up!! Nyc blog…’Inspirational’ is the word!! Keep it up!!

  2. True but who says birthdays and stuff like that are the only things we should celebrate? There’s always something to celebrate every minute of everyday. We just have to be able to open our eyes and our hearts wide enough to see and notice those things.

  3. WOW Funto this real. Life is short! everyone should make the best out of it and be happy at all time, it may be tough but keeping that strong FAITH and SMILE always changes the day/mood.

    I agree with Ifedolapo, birthday, Christmas and others aren’t just the days to celebrate, each day should be a day to celebrate. Trust me there is always something to celebrate we just have to realize it and be aware. Like my mom always told me “everyday is a celebration, it might be big, it might be small but in all celebrate”

    Dupe F

  4. This rings true for me. I used to be miserable, always thinking about all the problems in the world and feeling guilty about ever enjoying myself. Then I realized that not allowing myself to celebrate the good things in life just created another victim of all the world’s problems. I’ve learned not to forget the bad stuff and, indeed, to find ways to be a part of the solution, while also ensuring that I am enjoying the many awesome things in life as well.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  5. The one thing I can say I love about this blog is that its concise and straight to the point,nice one bro, u definitely got ur point accross, hopefully a lot of people will learn to appreciate the gift of life and celebrate every moment.keep it up!!

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