I want to pray to you, I know that on a norm, I’m supposed to be talking but truth is: I’m not sure I know how to do that properly I.e. Pray by talking, so I’ll just do this, which I think helps me express how I feel better.
I really hope you are listening or reading.

First of all, I’ve come to repent of my sins, I know I constantly mess up… I fall real short of your glory every now and then and I know that I deserve to be kicked out and not be forgiven but you said that I should always come boldly to your throne of Grace, so I’m here once more… Accept me, like that prodigal son in the bible. Take me back, forgive me. I’m sorry. I really am. Well, You know all things so check my heart, if it’s still hazy teach me, gimme the grace to want You completely.

I’d like to thank You for Your faithfulness in my life, overtime, I have come to accept that truly You are the unchangeable changer, the way You ever remain faithful amazes me even in the midst of all my mess ups and hiccups You remain firm, helping me. No matter how many times I consistently break your heart, You still believe in me and stay by me.

I’m grateful. You know I am.

I also want to thank You for the family you gave me, they are the Best, from my little sister (nicest, loving girl ever) to my Father(Super-Human) and my Brother(Large Heart) and Mother(a woman of virtue), they’ve all been the reason why I still believe in that word – LOVE.

I also appreciate You for my friends all of them, the ones I’ve kept and lost over-time…they went a long way in determining my very person.

God, I know You want me to be perfect as You are, I’m sorry I’m not there yet, not even close to near, but I thank you for who I am today, where I am today, and where you are taking me tomorrow. By your grace, I’d be Perfect.

I thank You for every part of my body especially my nose, I appreciate You.

I thank You for every passing day, how You manage to save me from things I have no idea of, is amazing. All I can do is to be in awe of You.

If every strand of hair on my body had tongues to say “Thank You”… It wouldn’t be enough.

I thank You for the person reading this post.


You know, no matter how much you say Thank you to Jesus, you can’t just say it enough.

Please use the comment box to thank Him today for one or two or more things He is doing or has done. Starting “Dear God,”

But then, this is what iThink, what do iKnow ?

53 thoughts on “#DearGod

  1. thank u lord for his life @ funto for makin him ur vessel n for my own life 2 am a testimony of ur grace…my bare existence attests to ur awesomeness….Baba GOD noni

  2. I fank UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ God 4 every womderful thing in my lyf:wonderful family,great fwends,good health,joy unspeakable n soo many other things I cnt start mentioning…thank UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ 4 lovin me despite me!

  3. I can never thank God enough for my family,my amazing friends and my life. My very unperfect self and He has given me the strength to type this, that is Love

    Again thank you funto and thank God for your life and your family.

  4. a lifetime is not enough to give You thanks Lord our whole body ain’t enough to give you thanks. we do not expect a great miracle of financial blessing but a little miracle of breathing in nd out is enough for us. Lord you have been faithful. Thank You DADDY.

    • I like the way you put it : ” little miracle of breathing in and out”
      Sad how most people forget that’s really is a Miracle!
      Thanks for stopping by Kene. Keep thanking Him.

  5. me likey
    thank u lord for giving me d best lil sis in d world
    thank u for helpn me understand u’ll alwaiz be dere 4 me even wen no1 sticks around
    thank u for providn 4 my dad ,,, he as been so generous
    thank u, thank u, thank u πŸ™‚

  6. I thank God for the gorgeous pair of eyes he gave me to read this. I thank God that he gave great fingers to type this and great mind to think this, I thank God for ur family too, I thank God that I got to meet u last december..UBeR AMazing! Even tho u barely spoke 2 words to me.. Its ok *currently sniffing away snort and tears.. Lol. And lastly I thank YOU for tagging me in this on fb πŸ™‚

  7. Really Nice Funto…Been asking myself some questions for a while now…some days precisely and you’ve just helped me realize the answer…I thank God for Life, for good health and for strength. For making me who I am today irrespective of the times i have forsaken him… I thank him for my family…for true friends like u, u don’t know how happy I am to have met u and to have u as a dear friend. I thank him for direction…Divine Direction…GOD IF NOT FOR HIM…Where will I be…THANK YOU LOVER OF MY SOUL.

    • πŸ™‚ I’m elated that I could be of help.
      iThank God for you… I thank Him more that iKnow you. I’m glad we are friends(you are definitely a keeper) .
      Keep Thanking Him, and he’ll keep doing more AWESOME things.

  8. tnks u LORD 4 usin Funto 2 put dis post up cuz criously it has givn me a whole lot 2 actualy tnk God 4 n stop doin tins i knw He wont be happy wit…TNK U AGAIN N AGAIN LORD!X

  9. i Thank God for everything that seems not to be goin on too well in my life cuz he’s still God no matter what and he gave me life in the first place so I am able to see posts lyk dis and thank Him all overr again..i thank God 4 you too, funto..putting smiles on people’s faces..its not just the “underprivileged” you know…could go on and on but like u said, it wouldnt even be enough πŸ™‚

    • Keep thanking Him Stephanie and He will perfect all that concerns you. Remember, all things work together for good.
      You are doing the right thing: Thanking Him even when things don’t seem right.
      πŸ™‚ Thank You for stopping by, stop again soon.

  10. Hmm…really loved post. All I can say
    Is he is ever faithfull& i can’t help
    but keep thanking him.Funto thanks 4 dis
    and all d support.GBU all

  11. Thank you Lord for the gift of Life, for one more day…
    Thank u lord for saving me for being my friend from ages past…
    Thank u lord for being my GOD and loving me even wehen i knew not….
    Thank u Lord for being the best and for making me just the way u are…
    I love u God I really do..
    I LOVE U God now and forever more.

    • Thank you for stopping by Olamide.
      I feel very privileged that you could thank God here, on my blog.
      Keep thanking Him and keep confessing your Love for Him.
      Stop again soon!

  12. i thank God for the gift of life dat he is so generous with and i thank Him for everythng dat has been great and for all d stuff dats gonna be great from now on…i thank God for the writer of dis blog and most importantly,i thank God for just being God……dis was great Funto

  13. this prayer definitely found its way to heaven…even before you wrote it, i’m sure…thank u funto for continuously using the words God has given u to bless us… and it is always timely, set to deliver and to open our eyes of realization, cuz sometimes it’s like we’re blinded from these truths when we get carried away. but words like these help us to stand still and realize that there’s so much we overlook and saying thank U to God for every little thing and every big thing can never be and will never be enough. (thank U God for absolutely everything…both the good and bad…) I’m also grateful that i got to know u, if not these words wouldn’t be blessing my heart…

  14. first of all…i want to thank God for the salvation of my soul…without that am practically a nobody!…i want to thank Him for His faithfulness, compassion and mercy towards my whole family and i. i thank Him for being God in every situation i go through…cuz i knw all things work together for my good bcuz i love Him…#ThankYouLord

    • πŸ™‚ Thank You Toyitan!! Hehe… I see what you have done with my name… iKinda like it tho.
      All things work together for our good, since we Love Him, so in the Good, and d seemingly bad… Keep thanking Him πŸ˜€ !!

  15. Thank you Lord despite my unfaithfulness UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ remained faithful thank UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ Lord for my life,family,health,provision.am grateful and Thank you Lord for lettin me stumble on dis site at dis tyme..I β™₯ UΜ…Μ²ΜΆΜ₯̊ LORD

  16. i’ve been here before….just never dropped a comment…so i shall do that now!
    Thank You Lord for life, i won’t even be here without this life you have given me…Thank You Lord for everything you have given me and for everything you haven’t..Thank you Lord because i know that all things are going to work in my good….Thank You Lord for Funto! and for every life he has touched through this blog…but most of all Thank you Lord for You! we’re worthless without you!

  17. wonderful write up…am impressed and touched ……..i guess it is time to forget all that is wrong and thank him for all that is right…….THANK U JESUS!!!!!!! for everything.

  18. Dear GOD for this part alone sef

    …….’No matter how many times I consistently break your heart, You still believe in me and stay by me’….

    i will continue to thank u….

    funto, u have done it again, the description of ur family members were perfect esp kk…..lol

    nice one, kip up the good work..GBU

  19. DearGod
    thank you 4 always being there 4 me, even when i mess up. thank you 4 always pickin me up wen i fall. thank u 4 ur unfailing love over the years. am indeed grateful. thank you making me a joint heir with Christ.

  20. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart.Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart. Thank you Lord for everything, you know my heart.

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