I know loads of folks believe their father deserves the “Father of the year” award… but heck! they are definitely deceiving themselves :p because I’ve got a Father I call Super-Human.

You may wonder why, so here’s why:

He’s a fantastic role model, he has taught me and shown me a way of life, i never can depart from. My father is a card-carrying member of the verse proverbs 22:6, in the same light of living by the word, he is a devoted follower of that verse we as young ones never really fancied – Proverbs 13:24, yeah, that one they go ranting when they want to whoop your behind. (sparing the rod and spoiling the child)

My father has brought me up to know my left from my right, through tough love I have been saved from a reckless future.

He is the HEAD of our home, my father is a living example of a True Leader, he does not teach us A and practice B, we all live on his Faith, he has such a large faith I wonder how he does It. His trust in God is unquantifiable.

He is a Good man, we all have heard from here and there of how some other home are like, you know; the cheating husband, the wife beater, the gambler, the drunk…you get my drift. I can beat my chest and confidently say he’s non of that. Just yesterday, my mother confessed to me about him saying and I quote  “Funto, your father is a good man”.

Since I can remember, he has never raised his voice against my mother or even a single finger against her.

He is passionate about what he does… my father is a Chartered Accountant but most importantly a Shepherd(a pastor). You know that verse that says: Out of the abundance of the Heart, the mouth speaketh..? now here is what happened one memorable night when I had to wake my dad from the living room to go sleep in his room, he started talking from his sleep, how he thought I went to Russia to save souls and was pretty much pissed that I hadn’t gone; in the midst of all the laughter that night, I had learned something valuable.

I call him SuperHuman


Sometimes, I’m tempted to open up his shirt to see if he’s got the Superman outfit on but truth is: God is his muscle #NoJoke … The simple trick is #FollowGod … that way, you too can become #SuperHuman.

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