Its funny when we have just little challenges we seem to forget all the long uncountable deeds God has done for us. But I can assure you that if you take just a minute of your time to count your blessings, you’d figure that those that you are still waiting on him for are really minute.

Do you know the most interesting part? it’s those we don’t see God doing that are major … I mean do you ever think about the accidents you dint have? The things we cant see Him doing are even much more from those we see him doing.
God i thank you for life…

I could have never been born but that dint happen, I mean I could have been a miscarriage, but I wasn’t. you dint just end there you gave me two eyes to see this beautiful world.

You healed me back then when I had measles.

I remember when I was just about 10 years old and I was sitting in the back sit of the car on the way to my parent’s office and suddenly the door just opened as the car turned I was sitting just by the door but I dint fall out. . .only if any of my family members read this none of them will know about this., only God was there to save me. No one else.

Does this ever happen to you?

“Lagbaja, please am about to sleep now, please wake me up when its 5, (hours later) oh shoot! it’s 9pm!
But God keeps waking us up everyday, every time we sleep.God i thank you for every time I sleep and yet wake up.

I thank you for Family, loved ones you’ve placed me among to help direct and guide my path.

I thank you for my Friends, the ones you made me keep, the ones you made me lose … I’m grateful.

I thank you for the privilege to know you …. for its by grace nothing else.


There’s a  whole lot to keep thanking God for, before you start complaining take your time and thank him for all He has already done. This is a few I have put up … what are you grateful for ?

4 thoughts on “#CountingMyBlessings

  1. Within a short period of time I met u,its enough for me to say when I count my blessings,I count u- you are a blessing. Maybe that’s why you were not lost as a miscarriage or while sitting at the back of that car. 🙂

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