What did they do wrong?

What did they do wrong? was the first question that ran through my head as I looked at this people who came into this world they same way I did.

iTried to put myself in their shoes and i got blank! iWont survive. The thought of it alone was terrifying. … .We look at them and think OMG! pity! … how ‘wronger’ could we get!? These people are the strongest people i have ever come across! We need more help than they do. They know without a doubt that they are going to make it

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iCan walk , talk, n just wear an Underwear without putting on a Diaper and yet iStill complain! I was engulfed in shame! How ungrateful I’ve been. A man in wheel chair came to sing a special number n everywhere became silent… if a needle had dropped it would have disrupted the moment. it was simply beautiful! The words and vocal were mind-blowing! My head pounding, goose bumps   this same feeling came back again when a girl, who paints with her legs (her painting are sooo fresh) gave the ‘vote of thanks’. Talking was strenuous, her whole body was trembling … it was sad. … .but that’s  not were the story ends… against all odds she talked and iGot motivated!, Encouraged! So did everyone else in that hall. She spoke though with obvious disability yet had in her the ability to speak and reach my soul, my heart.

I’ll never forget her words hung on my neck like a golden chain I dare not remove.

God has given this people gifts … Ability in Disability…

We have a lot to be grateful for! Start thanking God now!

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