Fantasy world?

In this life, I wish we all had switches, like when you want to sleep … “SNAP” …and off you go! Your fast asleep… or when you want to stop a bad habit… “SNAP” … and no more!

What if there was a restart button!? Loads of mistakes we’ve made in the past we wish we could start all over and correct and go on like they never happened.

But that is mere fantasy… we just have to take life as it is because

“You can’t change the past, cause it’s gone, you just gotta move on, because it’s all Lessons learned”

The bitter truth is that there aint going to be no switch nor button that would make everything alright in a jiffy or make everything make sense in a sec.

No we are gonna have to make those mistakes and learn to drive carefully next time and aviod those ditches we fell into yesterday.


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